How to Get Piper Rockelle’s Valentine’s Day Look

How to Get Piper Rockelle’s Valentine’s Day Look

Recreate Piper’s Valentine’s Day Makeup Look in 8 Easy Steps!

Hey, Sparkle Squad! This Valentine’s Day we’re feeling all the pink vibes so we are going to show you how to recreate Piper Rockelle’s pretty in pink sparkly makeup look. Grab your Valentine’s Day makeup palette and let’s get sparkling (like Piper)!

Pro tip: Download one of our free face charts and practice on it first. Then, try it on yourself!

What You’ll Need For Pipper’s Look: 


Step 1: Pink Palms & Sunset Sparkle

The perfect palette for sparkly pinklover, the 9021-GLOW Eye & Cheek Palette gives you the right balance of sparkle and subtle shimmer shades! Using the crease brush 2E in the Brush Set or the smaller end of the dual-ended brush that comes with the palette, start with the Pink Palms shade and blend it onto the lid just above the crease. Then, add Sunset Sparkle on top of it for a subtle pop of pink shimmer.


Piper Rockelle Using Petite'n Pretty Tropicali Eyeshadow Palette


Step 2: Tropicali & Pinkini

Topicali is the best palette to get that pink sparkling Summer look in the middle of Winter. Using the brush that comes with the palette, pick up the Tropicali shade and sweep it across the lid. Then, take Pinkini and add it to the inner corner and lower lash line for a little more sparkle! You can use a brush or your finger.


Piper Rockelle Using Petite'n Pretty My Stellar Micellar Wipes


Step 3: My Stellar Wipes 

Now, using the My Stellar Micellar Makeup Wipes, clean up any fallout on your cheek and under your eyes. These micellar wipes not only lift away makeup, but leave skin feeling soft,  moisturized, and ready for our next step!


Step 4:  Pink Palms & Beamer

Using the 9021-GLOW Eye & Cheek Palette, pick up Pink Palms blush with the bigger end of the dual-ended brush the palette comes with and sweep it across your cheeks. Then, using the same brush, pick up the Beamer highlighter and add some sparkle to your cheeks!

Step 5: Fully Feathered

Now it's time to make those eyes POP! Take the Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara add it to your lashes starting at the base of the lashes and brushing it out. Do the same for the bottom lashes.

Step 6: Shell Shocked!

Don’t forget your lips! Add some gloss using the Petite’n Pretty 10K Shine in Shell Shocked. Shell Shocked is light-weight and not sticky, but it still delivers high shine in one swipe! Oh, and how could we forget that it tastes like cotton candy with blueberries, plums and strawberry jam. Yum!

Step 7: BLVD Bling

Let's take our sparkle to the next level with some body glitter this Valentine’s Day! Add some Gen Glitter in the BLVD Bling shade to your look. Using the custom paddle applicator, add it onto clean skin  - cheeks, eyes, neck, arms. You can even brush it onto your dry hair! Once applied, you can use your fingers to blend it in! Bonus: it smells just like Cloud Mine and also makes the GLOSSIEST glitter slime, a great activity for a virtual Galentine’s Day slumber party with friends!

Petite'n Pretty Piper Rockelle with Cloud Mine Fragrance Rollerball

Step 8: Cloud Mine

Using the Cloud Mine Fragrance Rollerball, add some fragrance to your inner wrists to smell like sweet, fruity, floral cotton candy (Mmmmm)! This perfume will transport you back to summer days. You’ll be on Cloud Mine! 

Remember practice makes perfect and with it you'll nail Piper’s Valentine’s Day makeup look! Makeup is fun and here for you to express your creative side, but no matter how much or little you choose to wear, never forget that you are perfect just the way you are! 

Tag us at @petitenpretty when you do Piper’s Valentine’s Day makeup look at home. We love to see you shine! Have the sparkliest and sweetest Valentine’s Day this year, Sparkle Squad!