Inside Our New Cloud Mine Collection — A Cotton Candy Dream Come True

Inside Our New Cloud Mine Collection — A Cotton Candy Dream Come True

Our signature scent is sunshine in a bottle with its fresh-picked fruity-meets-floral notes layered with fluffy cotton candy musk and whipped vanilla. Discover the inspiration behind this sweet fragrance and its drop-proof rollerball — plus, it gets it very own sheer blue hue of 10K Shine Lip Gloss!

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Our signature scent is sunshine in a bottle and the perfect first fragrance

Cotton candy dreams do come true — and oh-me, oh-my are they as sweet as we imagined in the Cloud Mine collectionInspired by long summer days, fresh-picked fruit and the soft swirls of fluffy clouds against a backdrop of sky blue, our latest collection includes our signature scent in a tie-dye wrapped rollerball, high-shine gloss in a sheer blue hue and a collectible charm perfect for every Sparkle Squad backpack. 

Cloud Mine fragrance from kids makeup brand Petite 'n Pretty

Cloud Mine is Sunshine in a Bottle 

Filled with the scents (and memories) of vibrant sorbets bursting with flavor, fresh-picked fruit, fragrant bouquets, and afternoons spent under swirling clouds and blue skies, our signature scent transports you back to never-ending summer days (before adulthood settles in, that is) — no homework, no early morning rush, no worries.  

On Cloud Mine, you’ll find top notes of fruity fireworks like cranberries, sparkling currant, cherry and grapefruit. Pretty petals  violets, pear blossoms and honeysuckles  bloom at the heart. A warm and fluffy foundation sweetens the moment with white cedar, amber woods, whipped vanilla and cotton candy musk.  

Sophie Michelle with kids fragrance Cloud Mine from kids makeup brand Petite 'n Pretty


Plus, It’s Basically Drop-Proof 

Every rollerball is protected by a custom silicone sleeve, making it virtually drop-proof when it (or you) take an unexpected spill, making it the perfect first fragrance for little trendsetters. And just like no two clouds are the same, every tie-dye sleeve has its own unique swirl!  

Cloud Mine fragrance from kids makeup brand Petite 'n Pretty

Is This Filler the New Slime or What? 

Sophie Michelle said it first! The micro filler that cushions the rollerball in each Cloud Mine box is the new slime, people. Crinkly, iridescent and super-fine like cotton candy tinsel it’s almost as satisfying as glitter slime. Almost.  


Cloud Mine Even Gets its Own 10K Shine 

Crafted exclusively for Petite ‘n Pretty and made specially for young creatives, Cloud Mine is so special to us we gave it its very own special-edition shade of our top-selling 10K Shine™ Lip Gloss. With its cotton candy iridescence, cloud-like cushion and mega shine, this lip-smacking sheer blue hue is a cotton candy dream come true, too!  

Cloud Mine fragrance and lip gloss from kids makeup brand Petite 'n Pretty

Perks Like a Charm! 

When summer ends and school comes again, take a piece of Cloud Mine with you! This confetti-filled cloud charm pairs sweetly with our signature scent and Petite ‘n Pretty backpack.  

Cloud Mine kids fragrance collection from kids makeup brand Petite n Pretty

Like all the safe kids makeup from Petite ‘n Pretty, the Cloud Mine collection is pediatrician-approved, nut-free, gluten-free and crafted with care to encourage creativity in all kids. Follow your nose (and your sweet tooth) to Cloud Mine and discover a sweet world of glitter, gloss, fragrance and makeup safe for kids, tween and teens!