5 Ways to Glow for It with Glossy Lip Balm

5 Ways to Glow for It with Glossy Lip Balm Image

GLO$$ BALM is unbelievably rich, shockingly soft and as glossy as glossy lip balm gets 

Who doesn’t have a favorite-lip-balm-sized hole in the front pocket of their favorite jeans? We sure do. Given our collective 30 years of product development in the beauty-sphere, we’ve tried just about every “best” lip balm out there, from fruity flavored of Lip Smackers to sugar lip balms now synonymous with Fresh — and everything in between. Sowhen Petite ‘n Pretty first launched, we knew that creating the lip balm of our teen dreams had to happen. We also knew that a moisturizing lip balm wasn’t enough. It had to be moisturizing, yes, but it also had to dewy, delicious and as glossy as glossy lip balm gets.  

Cue GLO$$ BALM, the newest addition in the Petite ‘n Pretty product library that’s unbelievably rich, shockingly soft and oh-em-glossy!  Not that we’re patting ourselves on the back or anything, but we’re super happy with our debut glossy lip balms make our lips feel and can’t wait to share them with you! Read up on what’s makes each one simply sublime before you pick the perfect pretty lip color for you.  


Meet the GLO$$ BALM Lineup

Each buttery-soft lightweight shade (there are five, btw) glides on and melts in instantly with lip-hugging cushion and just the right balance of dewy color meets sheer sparkle thanks to a special blend of gloss-boosting polymers, high-chroma pigments and remarkably rich emollients. 

$hine Bright

A sheer coral with rainbow sparkle for days that need a little extra pop of lip color.

Petite 'n Pretty glossy lip balm

Bank On Pink

The go-to glossy lip balm of PnP HQ because you can’t go wrong with sheer light pink and of rainbow pops!  

Petite 'n Pretty glossy lip balm

$tocks & Bronze

Bursts of pink, bronze and gold sparkle take center stage in this sheer nude hue.  

Petite 'n Pretty glossy lip balm

Go for Broke

The all-in-shade of glossy balm that’s doesn’t feel over-the-top with its sheer lavender lip color and pink-and-blue sparkle.  

Petite 'n pretty glossy lip balm

$ell Out

Some days (like gym days) ya just want a simple, clear balm that keeps lips soft and moisturized without any extra bells, whistles or lip color.  

Petite 'n pretty glossy lip balm

Scented with Cloud Mine 

One of our favorite things about GLO$$ BALM is that every glossy lip balm shade smells like our signature-sweet Cloud Mine fragrance, exclusively crafted for Petite ‘n Pretty. (Which, in case you missed it, just launched in rollerball-form so you can surround yourself its fruity-meets-floral, dunked-in-cotton-candy deliciousness whenever you want).  


Petite 'n pretty glossy lip balm


Sized of for Young Creatives 

Like everything we make at Petite ‘n Petty, GLO$$ BALM is developed and designed specifically for young creatives. That’s why every formula is pediatrician-approved, age-appropriate and gluten-, nut- and cruelty-free. More than thoughtful formulation, our glossy lip balms come in a supported case that allows for the ultimate melts-on glossy finish (without melting everywhere) and the slimline bullet-shape is sized to fit kids’, tweens’ and teens’ lips for more precise and easy application. 

Altogether, five glossy lip balm shades scented with Cloud Mine and sized to better fit young creatives make up the GLO$$ BALM squad. And for a limited time, you can pick TWO shades and save $8 — one to take in your backpack, one to leave in your locker...of course, if you’re anything like us you can never have too many glossy lip balms on hand.