Behind the Scenes: Holiday Shoot with Piper Rockelle & Her Squad

Behind the Scenes: Holiday Shoot with Piper Rockelle & Her Squad Image

What do you get when you mix influencer Piper Rockelle, her squad members, and our Cloud Mine on Ice holiday collection? An epic storm of tinsel, sequins, and glitter, AKA day one of our annual holiday photo shoot! We know, the FOMO is real—but we’re taking you behind the scenes of the big day, so read on and get a glimpse of the action.


piper rockelle


8:30am: Piper Rockelle’s Squad Gets Their Sparkle On  

We were so excited to welcome YouTuber Piper Rockelle and her squad members—Jenna Davis, Emily Dobson, Symonne Harrison, Ruby Lightfoot, and Claire Rocksmith—to our photo studio in Los Angeles. It was an early start, but luckily we had the girls’ favorite Starbucks Pink Drinks, Medicine Ball Teas and Pumpkin Spice Lattes on hand.

After that, Piper and her BFFs got their hair and makeup done using our new Cloud Mine on Ice Eye & Cheek Palette for kids and teens. Everyone’s makeup was a little different, but each girl wore some combination of pink, purple, and metallic eyeshadow, pretty pink blush, and glimmering gold highlighter. That’s the great thing about this palette—you can use it to create endless looks, from natural to super sparkly. (Learn how to get Piper’s holiday look here!) 

Once the girls had their cozy winter sweaters on, hair blown out, and makeup done to perfection, they took group pictures with our winter wonderland cloud background! 

Piper Rockelle and squad


3:00 pm: The Boys Arrive & The Party Starts

After we wrapped the first look, the girls had a lunch break, hung out, and watched TikToks together before getting dressed for the second setup of the day—the holiday party! 

For this look, Piper and her BBY squad were all glammed out. Their dresses were full of sequins, their hair was curled and pinned with jewelled clips, and they rocked extra-sparkly makeup from our talc-free Cloud Mine on Ice Eye & Cheek Palette.

As soon as the girls finished their wardrobe switch, Piper’s boy squad arrived - including her boyfriend, dancer Lev Cameron! The guys changed into formalwear and everyone posed in front of a holographic tinsel background. 

Then, it was time for the last group shot of the day. The guys and girls changed into jeans and our new Cloud Mine Tie Dye Hoodies—they’ll be dropping soon, so keep an eye on social to get one for yourself! 

6pm: That’s a Wrap! 

After nine-and-a-half hours, our magnificent day came to an end. We wrapped up our last pictures and said bye to our models, who did such an incredible job of bringing to life our proven-safe holiday makeup gifts for kids and teens. This day was full of fun and an incredible bonding experience—we’re already counting the days until next year’s holiday shoot!