The 5 Petite ‘n Pretty Products You Need For Your Next Spa Night

The 5 Petite ‘n Pretty Products You Need For Your Next Spa Night

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There’s no better feeling than lounging with your girls — or by yourself — on a Saturday night with a refreshing face mask, your favorite snacks and a good movie. A good spa night is an essential treat to decompress and unwind after trekking through your day-to-day, and can instantly leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed than ever. Gathering the proper materials is key to thoroughly enjoying your TLC, so be sure to stock up beforehand! This time is all about you so think about what makes you feel the most at ease. If you’re a beauty junkie, this means you should gather all your most luxurious skincare products and get ready to pamper yourself. Here are 5 of our favorite Petite’ n Pretty items that should make it in your next spa night’s lineup. 

1. Clean and Cozy Skincare Set

This set is a want, not a need. It features our limited-edition waffle robe (set in the most  *gorgeous* purple tie-dye color) along with a pretty pink skincare headband to keep your hair out of your face as you pamper yourself. We also threw our skincare staples in the bundle, so you’ll be ready for the ultimate spa night.

When you start easing into the night, cozy up in the robe and bubble up with the refreshing Petite ‘n Pretty Fresh Start Cleanser — a gentle formula that’ll leave your skin squeaky clean and smooth. Set the moisturizer to the side for now. We’ll come back to that!

Pro tip: If you want to hold your hair back without the headband, opt for the Petite ‘n Pretty Pink Palms Hair Clips. They’ll keep all those baby hairs out of your face without leaving any creases!

2. 9021-GLOW Peel-Off Glitter Face Mask

A spa night is truly incomplete without a face mask! Not only are they super soothing and refreshing, but they’ll leave your skin feeling buttery smooth. Apply the tween-and-teen friendly Petite ‘n Pretty 9021-GLOW Peel-Off Glitter Mask all over your clean skin to feel like a glittery goddess. Let the holographic mask sit on your face and chill in bed with all your essentials. This is your time to unwind, so grab that pizza, popcorn, ice cream or whatever else is on the menu for the night and get in a comfy spot. As you wait for your mask to dry, play your favorite music, binge a show that’s been on your list for a while, play a video game and enjoy this time to yourself or with your friends — you deserve it!

Once your mask is dry, gently peel it off to reveal your ultimate fresh face. Follow up with your regular skincare ritual (don’t forget about the Fresh Step Moisturizer) and you’re all set!

3. Cloud Mine Fragrance Rollerball

You need all the good smells as you relax. Roll a bit of this fragrance on your wrists and along your neck to feel like you’re in cotton candy heaven all night long. When you smell good, you feel good!

4. Glo$$ Balm Glossy Lip Balm

During your spa night, be sure to prioritize smooth skin in every way — including your lips. When we’re busy during the day, we may forget to do small things like applying lip balm or hand cream to keep our skin smooth, so use this time to show your skin an extra bout of love. Apply a thick layer of this glossy balm all over, and your lips will feel rejuvenated and supple like they’ve just had a tall glass of water. 

5. Frosted Fonds Beauty Bag

And you’ll need a home for all your spa skincare essentials! This furry white bag is fluffy, cozy and the perfect size to fit all of your go-to's. Stuff your beauty besties inside and throw it in your bathroom or in your bag to carry to a spa night at your friend's spot. Not to mention it’s also adorable and could double up as a cute room decoration!

Glow up during your next spa night with these holy grails. We promise you’ll feel like a whole new person after lathering your face in these few products. Remember the key to a good spa night is to surround yourself with things and people you love, even if it’s just yourself for a solo spa night! Soak up all the good vibes as you enjoy your favorite things and you’ll feel the benefits as soon as you peel your mask!