Less Screen Time, More Creativity

Less Screen Time, More Creativity Image

We live in a digital world and this next generation has been born and raised in it. It’s all they know! It’s very different from the days of when your only screen time was VHS tapes and Atari. Nowadays kids are born with smartphones and tablets glued to their hands, and with the social media boom they are connected 24/7.

When our founder, Sam Cutler, created Petite ‘n Pretty, one of her driving forces was to encourage creativity and real-life play. To pull these kids, tweens and teens off of their phones and instead using beauty to be creative, experiment with color and open up their minds to a new world of play. That’s the beauty of makeup for kids. It’s a great tool to cut down on the screen time and encourage them to just play.

Non-Toxic Makeup

Makeup for teens is also a great way to bring friends together offline. Who didn’t love sleepover makeovers as a kid? With gluten free, paraben free and non-toxic makeup formulas, Petite ‘n Pretty is safe for your tween and all her friends that come around. You’ll definitely be the most popular house on the block for play dates!

It is fairly unrealistic to think that kids will have zero screen time in this day and age. That is why we love being a part of the digital beauty community. This next generation has so many amazing young content creators (like Sophie Michelle, Jessalyn Grace and Piper Rockelle) to watch and learn beauty tips for girls. Instead of moving on to another video, they can put down their phone, take what they’ve learned and start creating looks of their very own. It’s the perfect balance of healthy screen time and real-world creative play. We are here for it!