Sam’s Top 7 Picks for Mother’s Day

Sam’s Top 7 Picks for Mother’s Day

As a mom myself, I know exactly what moms want and need for this upcoming Mother’s Day. Along with a heartfelt card and a big hug, here are the top 7 Mother’s Day gifts to give this year.

A Personalized Touch on a Sweater

Add a special touch to your gift with this Custom Made Embroidered Sweater. Moms love anything with their kid’s names on it. So I recommend embroidering your name onto this sweater. Now whenever mom wears it, she’ll always be reminded that you love her! 

The Best Hair Day

I’m always a happy mom when my hair looks good. That’s why I recommend a gift card from our friends at Drybar. Treat your mom with some self care by giving her the best hair day ever!

Comfy, Cozy Pajamas


Let mom sleep in just a little longer with these Eberjey Pajamas. These pajamas are my absolute favorite because they are luxuriously soft to the touch. Matches perfectly with breakfast in bed! 

Cook Her Favorite Meal 


Fix up a pot of mom’s favorite dish with this All Clad Pot from Williams Sonoma. From soups to pastas, this pot is my personal go-to for cooking up a hearty, homemade meal. To thank mom for all the meals she’s cooked for the family, she’ll love any meal you make with the help of the All Clad Pot!

Athleisure at it’s Finest


Does mom love a good yoga session? Then I definitely recommend these Lululemon Leggings! These are my favorite leggings of all time because it’s super soft and breathable. A pair of these leggings would make any athletic mom excited for her next workout sesh! 

Clean Eats and Good Vibes 

Good, clean food always makes me happy. That’s why Sakara’s Plant-Based Meal Programs are a great way for mom to treat herself to new and exciting dishes. From salads to burgers, Sakara has amazing healthy options that all moms can enjoy!

Lashes for Days! 

Every mom needs mascara in her makeup collection. I personally love the Petite n’ Pretty Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara to keep my lashes long and defined throughout the day. Add this makeup must-have to both you and your mom’s routine for volumized lashes!

How are you treating your mom to the best Mother’s Day ever? We want to know! Share the love and tag us at @petitenpretty. Have a happy Mother’s Day! 

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