Spring Cleaning Your Makeup: Our Top Makeup Bags to Clean Your Stash

Spring Cleaning Your Makeup: Our Top Makeup Bags to Clean Your Stash

If reorganizing and cleaning your spaces is a part of your springtime ritual like us, we have just the thing for you. As you begin to work down this year’s spring cleaning checklist, shuffling your bedroom furniture for a fun change, sweeping those corners that may have been a bit neglected during the past few months and detoxing your wardrobe of all your winter clothes, it’s also a great time to rethink your makeup organization. Ask yourself if your beauty arrangement is working for you and practical for your day-to-day, and if the answer is no — let’s fix that! Finding the perfect organization for your makeup and beauty products is essential for drama-free mornings and simple clean-up. If you’re in need of a new makeup bag, Petite ‘n Pretty totally has the best lineup of cute, practical bags that will make your life so much easier.

TropiCali Makeup Bag

Not only is this gem uber spacious, but it also has a zippered pocket on the inside to keep your brushes and other small items like lip glosses and glitter organized while your larger palettes and face products have lots of legroom in the main pocket. Plus, this bag is a real beauty with its beautiful pink and green palm leaf print and will give you major vacation vibes wherever you bring it — whether it’s a sleepover, sports practice, vacation or school!

Rainbow Palms Beauty Bag

This bag was made for all our fellow makeup hoarders. You know, those with the ultimate makeup stash and the undying urge to get their hands on all the latest Sparkle products. If that’s you, then this large, clear makeup pouch has your name all over it (and cute palm trees!). The best part: It’ll fit your *entire* makeup routine from start to finish…skincare included. So, if your bathroom is cluttered with all your fave cleansers, moisturizers and makeup wipes, you can make this bag their new home. Plus, it’s water- resistant, so you can get as splashy as you’d like as you wash your face! 

Pink Canvas Beauty Bag

On the flip side, if your collection is a bit smaller or if you’re in need of a baby bag to carry your daily must-haves, we recommend this simple bag in this gorgeous baby doll pink color. It's our go-to for our makeup emergency kits — just fill it with lip gloss, oil blotting sheets and any products that may need to be reapplied throughout the day and toss them in your book bag or for easy access when you need it! 

Frosted Fronds Beauty Bag

Keep your makeup cute and cozy in this faux-fur bag. It’s plush, spacious and easy to throw in your bag if you’re in a rush. You can store all your favorite glosses, small palettes and glitter in style — and it’ll make the cutest decoration for your bathroom or bedroom, so it’s perfect for your next Instagram Story shelfie! 

These makeup bags are sure to spice up your spring cleaning routine this year! Pick out the cutest bag that fits the best into your daily routine and you’re looking toward a breezier makeup routine and stress-free adventures to school or your besties’s house. 

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