Get the Look: Glowy, Pretty Princess Makeup

Get the Look: Glowy, Pretty Princess Makeup

There’s nothing better than feeling like a princess, and you can do it all by yourself with a few easy steps! When we think of princesses, we think glowy skin, sparkly lips — and of course, all things glamorous! Whether you’re prepping for an ultimate girl's night or just want to feel extra special, we have the best, princess-perfect makeup look for you. It’s light, simple, age-approriate, and will look amazing with your favorite dresses!  Grab your Petite ‘n Pretty makeup bag, throw on your favorite princess movie and let’s get started. 

  • Face

  • We’re going for glowy, so be sure to pay special attention to your skin. Start with the 9021-GLOW Fresh Start Cleanser and moisturizer. Massage a generous amount of the cleanser into your skin, rinse with warm water and follow up with a light layer of the moisturizer. Both products are filled with clean ingredients, so they will gently clean and moisturize your skin to prep for your makeup. Plus, they will leave your skin feeling soft and squeaky clean! 

    Next, add a light flush to your face with the Glow Up All Over Stick. It’s perfect for a dewy look and will double up as highlighter and blush. Use your fingers to work the product into your skin — you’ll notice how efforltessly it blends in! If you really want to steal the show, take the shade “Sandbar Shimmer” in the 9021-GLOW! Cheek and Highlighter Duo and swipe this on top of the blush and over the high points of your face (nose, forehead and cheekbones)

  • Eyes

  • Grab your WhimsiCali Eye & Cheek Palette and think sparkles! Start with the shade “Supernatural” and swipe it all over your eyelid as a base color. Feel free to do this with clean fingers or a flat, eyeshadow brush! Next, pick one of the sparkly pinks, purples or tan and use this as your main eyelid color. Try to match this shade to your costume, and be sure to blend it thoroughly to avoid any harsh lines. Add a small amount of this color to your bottom lash line for a magical pop. 

    Give yourself a bit of shine by taking the shade “Malibu Mermaid” and popping it near the middle of your eyelid and your inner corner. This will give you a beautiful wide-eyed look that’s well-suited for any princess!

    Pull the eyes together by applying a light layer of the Feather Stretch Washable Mascara for wispy, sky-high lashes! We’re all about this mascara because it can be removed in a flash at the end of the night!

  • Lips

  • There’s nothing prettier than a light lip gloss, so you’ll need to have one ready for the evening. We recommend the Pink Pact Deluxe 10K Shine Lip Gloss because it's super glossy, sparkly and smells delicious! You’ll shine from the inside out. 

    Now that you’re ready, it’s time to channel your inner glow! Grab your crown and prepare for some fun! Consider dusting a light layer of the Cloud Fluff Shimmer Body Puff over your neck and arms to shine from the inside out (and give yourself a goregous glimmer in photos!). Be sure to use the My Stellar Makeup Remover Wipes to gently get rid of the glam and glow before bed.