Sam's here to tell you how to be the ultimate cool mom with the Top 7 best birthday picks for your kid or tween daughter.



With fidget’s being all the rage these days, I highly suggest doing a Fidget bundle as a gift! They’re inexpensive on Amazon, but, they’re a favorite amongst kids & tweens. They’re great because they are fun, collectable and they trade them! Some of my daughter’s must have fidgets are: Neh Doh BallsGiant Pop ItWacky Tracks and Fidget Cube’s 


Petite ‘n Pretty Products


As a Mom, I never know what to get a tween girl! Clothes is always hard because I never know what size to get… all tween girls love skincare and make-up! Petite ‘n Pretty is a great gift option because Mom’s approve of it because its Made in the USA, Pediatrician and Dermatologist approved, Cruelty free and sized for smaller features so it’s super easy to use and ape appropriate! Another added bonus, is it’s nut free! So many children have nut allergies, so you can be confident gifting it.




If you’re thinking you want to gift clothes, one of my new favorite tween and teen brands is Katie J NYC! They have great options for all ages and at all price points. They have super cute sweat outfits, shorts and a great selection of crop tops and skirts!



Stoney Clover Lane is an adorable lifestyle brand that has great customizable gift options! Whether you’re looking for a make-up bag, pencil case, backpack or travel bag – you can find any color and you can add custom patches to make your gift unique! Stoney Clover Lane also releases new products and collaborations often, so there is always something fresh and new.


Summer Birthdays or Holiday Warm Vacations


One of my favorite brands for girls is Shade Critters! They have the cutest, high end bathing suits! I feel like bathing suits are always a great gift because they’re fun, whimsical and so wearable during the warm summer months, or a holiday vacation. Shade Critter’s uses a lot of sequins, lace and embellishment to really make their bathing suits stand out.


For that Edgy Girl


My daughter is really getting into sneakers because of her older brother. I love looking at Stock X for the latest and greatest sneakers that have launched! You can find literally everything and anything – old and new! From Nike Jordan’s to Air Force Ones, Dunks and more – its’ all here!