Why Petite ‘n Pretty Products Make Great Gifts from Grandparents

Why Petite ‘n Pretty Products Make Great Gifts from Grandparents

The best gifts from grandparents are the ones that create lasting memories. Here, two grandmothers and granddaughters share how our makeup has helped them do just that! 

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Here at Petite ‘n Pretty, we’re not just in the business of making fun and sparkly makeup for kids, tweens, and teens—we’re here to help your family make memories together. Our customers often tell us that our products make great gifts from grandparents, so we decided to spotlight some grandmothers and granddaughters who have bonded over the joy of our makeup.

We had the opportunity to speak to Jacqueline and her 11-year-old granddaughter, Kayla, to find out exactly why they love Petite ‘n Pretty. For Jacqueline, it was seeing her granddaughter so excited to use her new Petite 'n Pretty products. Jacqueline wanted to express her love and reward her granddaughter for being a good student. She chose Petite 'n Pretty because she knew that she would be getting safe, high-quality products that would help Kayla feel beautiful from within.  

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Kayla remembers unboxing her new Petite ‘n Pretty products and thinking of all the new makeup looks she could create—this was her first makeup memory, and she was able to experience it with her grandmother! Kayla’s ecstatic reaction made Jacqueline realize that she made the right gift choice. (And that gift kept on giving: Kayla gave her mom the cute keychain that was included in her makeup gift set!)

We also had the chance to speak with Wendy and her 5-year-old granddaughter, Charlie. Wendy’s first makeup memory was seeing her own mother wearing lipstick and wondering why her lips were on all the coffee mugs! Charlie is just as curious about makeup as her grandmother was. She used to sneak her mother’s products, making sure to put everything back just the way it was so her mom didn’t notice. Wendy wanted to get Charlie some Petite ‘n Pretty products so she could finally have makeup to call her own.

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Charlie was thrilled to receive her new Petite ‘n Pretty makeup—she says it makes her feel like a real life princess! Wendy loved giving Charlie her first makeup gift because she sees how makeup can uplift one’s spirits and illuminate their inner beauty. Most importantly, Wendy chose Petite ‘n Pretty because she knows that it’s safe, age-appropriate, and a great creative outlet for kids and tweens!

3 Perfect Petite ‘n Pretty makeup gifts from grandparents 

Looking for a creative gift for your grandchildren this holiday season? These Petite ‘n Pretty products make great holiday gifts for kids, tweens, and teens, helping them sparkle both inside and out. 

9021-GLOW! Eye & Cheek Palette
To make this a gift your grandchild will remember forever, teach them how to apply the eyeshadow and blush in this best-selling, pediatrician-approved palette! 

Gen Glitter Hair & Body Glitter
This weightless, sweet-smelling glitter is basically joy and self-expression in a bottle.

10K Shine Lip Gloss
For lipstick-obsessed kids like Charlie, this glittery gloss can’t be beat. 

We love to see how your kids and grandkids sparkle their way with Petite ‘n Pretty. Snap a photo of your quality makeup time together and tag us @petitenpretty!