Young creatives are changing the way the world sees pretty by redefining it on their terms with a next-gen point-of-view that celebrates the sparkle in everyone. They get it. Pretty is a feeling and goes way beyond a look — it’s the qualities that inspire, attract and uplift, never define, others.

We’re here to cheer on petites in their creative journeys as they lead the sparkle revolution with top-shelf, age-appropriate and pediatrician-approved products made for small features, big imaginations.

Sparkle Outside the Lines!

Redefining Pretty
sam cutler

From the Founder

Petite ‘n Pretty started with my first makeup memory of my mom freshening up her lipstick. I felt so pretty when she dusted a hint of blush across my cheeks. Now that I’m a mom, I love seeing my daughter’s face light up when I put a touch of sparkle on her cheekbones. That’s what inspired Petite ‘n Pretty — I wanted to bottle up that happiness.

Since drawing on my doll’s face as a girl, I’ve been obsessed with makeup. I wore a school uniform everyday, so makeup was more than just play to me. It’s how I expressed my individuality — and still do. From working behind the counter in college to a 15-year career developing award-winning prestige products, I have always wanted to start my own beauty brand.

Petite ‘n Pretty sparks the imaginations of the next generations through product made just for them. Everything is designed to work with petite-sized features, each shade and finish is developed to be age appropriate and every formula is proven safe. Our Beverly Hills-based brand aims to empower, encourage and embrace creativity — and most importantly, to always have fun.


sam cutler

Sam Cutler, Founder + Mom of two creative petites

More Than

This is about expression and good old-fashioned fun. Everyone’s sparkle is all their own, and we think that’s pretty much the prettiest. Even in today’s reality of digital everything, we like to think that play is still a huge part of learning, dreaming and becoming our best, most creative and confident selves. And when it comes to pretty, there’s no wrong way to let it shine.

applying makeup
Scent Image Desktop
Scent Image Mobile

It’s all a swirl of blue skies, pink petals and cotton candy dreams up here on Cloud Mine where the sun has nothing better to do than shine. Our signature scent and flavor is the cherry on top of our favorite sorbet, the sparkle in our eye and the XOXO on our everything.

It's All Good Desktop
It's All Good

Proven Safe

We did our homework, took the tests and got an A+ from parents and doctors.

Nut Free

Nut allergies are a bummer, but shouldn’t keep you from sparkling your way.

Cruelty Free

We do not test on animals (and never will).

Paraben Free

You won’t find these widely used preservatives in our formulas.

Phthalate Free

These chemicals are always turning up in beauty products, but never in ours.

Safety is The Expectation, Never the exception, because you matter.

The Homework

We comply with all the FDA regulations you should expect, as well as Prop 65 and the Oregon State Child Safety Act.

The Tests

We are committed to using the highest quality raw materials available and put every formula through rigorous safety testing, including testing for heavy metals, patch testing and completing stability and compatibility testing. More than that, we audit the factories we partner with to ensure consistent high standards according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) system.

The Grade

Our stamp of approval trifecta? Pediatrician-approved, dermatologist-approved and ophthalmologist-approved.

Our (Growing) Advisory Board

Marissa Feldman PhD

Marissa Feldman PhD is a pediatric psychologist who works closely with children on a day to day basis to ensure psychological well-being through providing assessments, treatment plans and counseling.

Maria Garcia Lloret MD

Maria Garcia Lloret MD is a lead pediatric physician at UCLA for pediatric allergy and immunology. She is also on the California Medical Board and The American Board of Pediatrics, Allergy and Immunology.

Dr. Jean Pacifico-Banta, MA, OTD, OTR/L

Dr. Jean Pacifico-Banta, MA, OTD, OTR/L is an occupational therapist with over 18 years of experience in pediatric practice.