Sweet and Pink: How to Create the Perfect Pink Eye Makeup Look

Sweet and Pink: How to Create the Perfect Pink Eye Makeup Look

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As we ease into Pisces territory and look toward springtime, it’s the perfect time to get creative with colors in your makeup routine. From pretty pinks and bright blues, the water-sign color palette is gorgeous for eye looks. Whether you’re in need of a new look to show off on Instagram or just want to add a few new eye makeup styles to your toolkit, we have the ultimate pink eye makeup look for you. Think glowy and girly, simple yet shimmery. It’s a quick, age-appropriate fresh face that is wearable for a number of festivities and will have all your besties asking how you did it. What’s sweeter, you can achieve this look with entirely Petite ‘n Pretty products, so bust out your fav PnP products and get ready to glow from head to toe! 

Pick Your Base

Start with a clean face and spice it up with your blush of choice. We’ve totally been loving the Petite ‘n Pretty Glow Up All Over Sticks, and we’re reaching for the shade Petal Glow for a rosy sheen. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s light, dewy, and makes you feel fabulous!

Now it's time for the fun part: the eyes. Let’s grab the Oh, So Sweet Eye & Cheek Palette because it has tons of sugary-sweet shimmers and pretty pinks that are perfect for this look. Grab one of the matte flesh-toned shades and swipe it all over your lid as a base color. This will help your colorful shades pop!

Pops of Pink

Take the brush included in your Oh, So Sweet Palette, and dip the smaller end into the shade “Peach for the Stars” (feel free to opt for clean fingers as well!). Lightly tap this pretty eyeshadow color all over your lid as a starting color. Next, plop the gorgeous shimmery pink shade “So Jelly” overtop. These two shades should blend seamlessly together and will mix into a gorgeous, glittery peach color.

Now, take the shade “Berry Bling'' and lightly work it into your crease. Be sure to blend the colors as much as possible to avoid any harsh lines! For a sweet pop, drag this shade gently along your lower lash line. 

To really crank it up a notch, dig into the shade “Lollipoppin” and gently blend it into the outer corner of your eye. Try to keep this as light as possible so you don’t overpower the other colors. Start with a small tap of the color and build it accordingly to create the perfect look for you.

Feeling glamorous yet? To finish the eyes, we’re reaching for the shade “Peach for the Stars” again and swiping it in the inner corner of your eyes — this will give you a bright, wide-eyed effect.

Grab your Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara and glide the wand along both your top and bottom lashes for instant lushness. With its quick-dry formula and thick wand, it’ll leave your lashes perfectly separated and layered to perfection. Add a second layer of this tween and teen-friendly mascara if you’re looking for a more dramatic look.

Add Your Signature Touch

Complete your fresh face the way you know best! Whether you opt for a cheer chapstick or a glowy gloss (we’re so going for the Pink Pact Deluxe 10K Shine Lip Gloss), we know you’ll look fabulous. You can also jazz it up with extra bouts of glitter, so consider adding a few sprays of the PnP L.A. Luster Glitter Hair Spray into your tresses or a few puffs of Cloud Fluff Shimmer Body Puff into the mix.

And just like that, we’re done! Make the most out of your look by making it your own. Add some more color if you’re feeling a bit spunkier, take some away if you want a more muted look, shake things up with a fun colored gloss — whatever makes you feel happy and beautiful! You can also try the look with a different color palette, so opt for baby blues or neutral greens for a different vibe!