Behind the Scenes: TropiCali Shoot With Piper Rockelle & Pressley Hosbach

Behind the Scenes: TropiCali Shoot With Piper Rockelle & Pressley Hosbach

Ever dream of being on set at a glam-tastic photoshoot? We’ve got you, sunshine! Get a VIP look at our shoot for the new TropiCali Eyeshadow Palette—from the outfits to the makeup looks to the Starbucks Pink Drinks—and get to know its rising stars, Piper and Pressley.
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We are so excited about the newest addition to our makeup collection for kids, tweens, and teens—the TropiCali Eyeshadow Palette! To celebrate, we invited the amazing Piper Rockelle and Pressley Hosbach to model a few looks created with TropiCali’s nine shimmering, sunset-colored, talc-free eyeshadow shades. Piper is a YouTube sensation known for her funny challenges and prank videos—if you’re one of her 5 million subscribers, you might have seen them! Pressley is an incredible dancer who starred in Dance Moms season 8 and played Roxie on the Brat TV series Stage Fright. Check her out on YouTube and Instagram!


First Up: Sheer, Shimmering Looks

The TropiCali shoot took place in Beverly Hills, California, the perfect place to capture the kids makeup palette’s summer vibes. It started off with Pressley in hair and Piper in makeup. Pressley was getting her beachy waves done, while Piper was getting glam—then they traded places. There were a total of three looks for the photoshoot.

While they were getting ready and sipping on their Starbucks Pink Drinks, we asked both of them what they love about summer. Pressley said she likes going to the beach, swimming, and sunbathing by the pool. Piper loves to relax and hang out with her friends in the summer. The two girls have a lot on their plate during the school year, so summer is a great time for them to unwind and have fun! 

For Piper’s first look, makeup artist Diana  used TropiCali shades Seashell, Barefoot, and Pinkini for a soft pink-and-bronze eye—it looked perfect with her tie-dye t-shirt. Piper also wore the blush shade Pink Palms from the 9021-GLOW Eye & Cheek Palette, as well as GLO$$ BALM in $hine Bright. Dressed in a pink tank top and green headband, Pressley wore the peachy-gold TropiCali eyeshadow shade Afterglow all over her lids, plus the Sandbar Shimmer highlighter from the 9021-GLOW Cheek & Highlighter Duo. The two posed together and separately holding the TropiCali Eyeshadow Palette.

Then it was time for the second look. Piper wore a palm tree shirt and Pressley wore a pink and white tie-dye shirt. 

The Final Look: Bright and Bold

For the third look, Pressley changed into a yellow top and pearl-studded headband. The makeup artist did a pink-and-gold look featuring shades Beach Bling and Sand Castle.

Piper had on a tropical print two-piece set and rocked a bold fuchsia eye. To get the look, Diana brushed the palette’s TropiCali shade all over Piper’s lids. Each of them also wore the Featherlight Clear Mascara & Brow Gel as well as the Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara. Each look went along with various shades of  .

Pressley and Piper had such a blast and looked great in every single photo! We ended the shoot with a nice big lunch because the girls were starving—they worked really hard all day.

Be sure to check out our YouTube video showing the behind the scenes of the TropiCali photoshoot featuring Piper Rockelle and Pressley Hosbach. The video captures all the fun moments from the day.

Now, we want to see YOUR TropiCali looks!

The TropiCali palette pairs perfectly with your other Petite ‘n Pretty palettes, Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara, and GLO$$ BALM or 10K Shine Lip Gloss. There’s truly no end to the looks you can create this summer—that’s what makes our makeup a perfect girls’ birthday gift. (Plus it’s nut-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and pediatrician-approved, just like all of our other makeup for kids, teens, and tweens.)

Be sure to share all of your makeup looks with us on our Instagram and TikTok. Tell us your favorite thing about the palette and what you loved about the shoot. Which look was your favorite? Recreate it at home and tag us—we can’t wait to see what you create!


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Maggie Edwards

Maggie Edwards

My daughter is OBSESSED with Piper and her squad. She wants to be in the squad so bad but she doesn’t have social media.

My daughter is OBSESSED with Piper and her squad. She wants to be in the squad so bad but she doesn’t have social media.

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