Sparkle Squad Spotlight: YouTube Mega Star Piper Rockelle

Sparkle Squad Spotlight: YouTube Mega Star Piper Rockelle Image

With a name like Piper Rockelle, how could you NOT be a YouTube sensation? Piper is just as much of a rockstar as her name would suggest. She’s known for a wide range of fun video content on her YouTube channel that has amassed more than a million (!!) subscribers. You can also see Piper as Sky on Brat Networks show “Mani” which is her main acting gig but she’s also a dancer, gymnast and aspiring singer. So basically, a quadruple threat!

When we launched our Winter La La Land Collection for Holiday 2018, we jumped at the chance to bring Piper’s bubbly personality into the campaign. Not to mention, the girl loves pretty makeup! In fact, we sat her down in our filming studio with our holiday collection so that she could create any look she wanted. She really gravitated towards the natural eye shadow colors with subtle sparkle, creating a very wearable look, but when it came to lip gloss, she went right for the brightest pink shade in our arsenal (Crown Ruby, a new shade in our Snow Queens gloss trio). A neutral look with a bold lip…we like your style Piper! During her makeup tutorial, we asked her what teen makeup product she couldn’t live without. “Definitely mascara! Wait, you guys don’t have mascara? You should definitely make a mascara.” Great advice but we may or may not be ahead of you on that one, Piper. ;)

Here are a few fun facts about Piper besides her successful online career:

  1. She has 17 cats! She and her mother are passionate about cat rescue and she hopes one day to open a cat sanctuary. MEOW!
  2. Her favorite Starbucks drinks is an iced vanilla chai. YUM!
  3. Rockelle is actually her middle name. (coolest middle name ever!)

We love the positive and bubbly online social space Piper has built for her followers. It’s so important for kids to have positive role models online growing up in the digital age and we love supporting this young creative! Go check out Piper’s platforms and tell her we said hey!

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  • I love your videos piper


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