10-Minute Spring Makeup Tutorial

10-Minute Spring Makeup Tutorial

Spring? Check. New makeup look? Check. Spring is in the air and it's time to freshen up your makeup routine! We’re ready to add pops of color and lightness to our look, and if you’re feeling the spring vibe too, this makeup look is for you. From glowing skin to rosy cheeks and bright lips, you'll learn how to create a beautiful makeup look that will make you feel confident and ready to take on the new season. Plus, you can get it done in a flash, so it’s perfect for school, after gym class or anytime when you’re short on time. 

Step one: Face

This look is all about adding some moisture and glow to your skin. Start with a clean face and grab your Petite ‘n Pretty Ultimate Easter Basket Makeup Set. Not only does it have everything you need for your spring makeup looks, but it also makes the perfect gift for someone who is looking to spice up their collection! 

Take the 9021-GLOW! Eye & Cheek Palette and swipe the shade “Pink Palms” on your cheeks in an upward, circular motion. Focus the colors on the natural flush spots on your face, so the apples of your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose. That way you’ll look like you’ve just got the right amount of sun!

Add a bit of extra shimmer with the highlighter shade in the palette. Tap the shade along your cheekbones to achieve the ultimate selfie-ready face. 

Step Two: Eyes

With the same palette, grab one of the sparkly pink shades and tap it all over your lid. These colors are pretty, age-appropriate and make for the dreamiest springtime look. Since we’re short on time for this look, simply add a light pink eyeshadow shade in your inner corner for a bright-eyed effect and finish off the eyes with a few swipes of the Petite ‘n Pretty Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara. Spring-tastic!

Step Three: Lips

The Glo$$ Balm Glossy Lip Balm is perfect to add moisture and a bit of color to your lips, so grab yours in the shade Bank on Pink and wipe it all over your lips. Don’t forget to throw this gem in your makeup bag for touch-ups throughout the day!

Step Four: Final Touches

Take your glow to a whole other level by adding some body glitter to the mix! Not only will this enhance your natural glow, but it’s also super fun to apply and will add some extra spring vibes to the mix. Take your Cloud Fluff Shimmer Body Puff or Gen Glitter in 14 Karat Wear It and add it to the spots that naturally hit the sun, like your collarbone and chest. Now you’re feeling all glowed up from head to toe!

With this guide, you’ll be on the fast track to your perfect springtime glow that will turn heads wherever you go. Remember, makeup is all about having fun, so don't be afraid to experiment and play around with different colors and products until you find a look that you love. Welcome spring by keeping up with new ideas and trends that you can incorporate into your makeup toolkit. With a little creativity and your favorite Petite ‘n Pretty products, you can step into spring feeling fresh.