Why a Makeup Subscription Box Will Be Your New Best Friend

Why a Makeup Subscription Box Will Be Your New Best Friend

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From Netflix and Spotify to HelloFresh and Scentbird, subscription services are all the rage. Not only are they loved for their convenience, but oftentimes can save the subscriber tons of money and time shopping around for entertainment, food and makeup. Not to mention, investing in a subscription box instead of hitting the store can also have a positive impact on the environment as the subscriber has full control over how much they consume each month (say goodbye to overbuying and over consuming!). If we’ve caught your attention or you are already on the subscription box wave, a Petite ‘n Pretty beauty box is sure to rock your world. Filled with the ultimate beauty selects, we come in hot to your home by delivering all the glam goods you need, annually or every season. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider subscribing.

1. It’ll Be New Makeup-O’clock, All Day

 We always have tons of fun experimenting with new makeup. If that sounds like you, our subscription box will give you a whole new set of goodies each season to get creative. With this box, you can think out with the old and in with the new each season (or year) and craft your perfect beauty routines while you’re on the thrill of seeing a box in the mail for you. You’ll get a variety of new products with each box that we know you’ll love!

2. Who Doesn’t Love a New Thing In the Mail?

Getting a new package in the mail can make you feel like it’s your birthday or favorite holiday, so why not schedule to get a new one all the time? With a subscription makeup box, you can have all the fun, all the time. If you’re always asking your parents for new makeup or beauty gear for your big days, this is also a great way to get your fix year-round!

3. It Adds to the Perfect Sleepover

If your girls are makeup fans, you’re really in for a treat. Our subscription box makes for the perfect centerpiece at a sleepover. Just picture it — you and your besties are sitting in your room with your favorite snacks and a movie as you experiment with your new face masks and eyeshadow that just came in the mail! You can create new makeup looks and test out other beauty products that you haven’t gotten your hands on yet. The ultimate slumber party is calling your name!

4. You Can Discover New Things & Stay on Trend

We know what our Sparkle Squad wants to see, so we fill each box with the goods you need to keep up with the latest trends. When you subscribe, you’ll have access to the fan-favorite looks that you’ve been drooling over on Instagram and Pinterest. Re-create a “clean girl” look with our skincare products or tap into the bold eyes trend with our glitterful eyeshadow palettes — the opportunities are endless.

5. You Can Expand Your Makeup Collection From Bed

We know you’ve been dreaming bigger with your makeup collection. This subscription box is the perfect way to elevate your beauty game and fill your vanity drawers with amazing products. This way, you can have more options to choose from down the road and can have the best options when doing makeup on your friend. Plus, our boxes include Petite ‘n Pretty merch, so you can also level up your closet a bit with our hand-picked faves!

There’s so much to love about our makeup subscription box. With six products shipped four times a year, you have so much opportunity to fuel your creative brain. Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or like to keep it to the basics, there’s truly something for everyone to feel creative, inspired and motivated. If you’re grabbing a box, be sure to let us know how much you love it!