Ultimate Gift Givers Set

$350.00 ($366.00 value)

For the tween who deserves it all! Gift them this complete assortment of Petite ‘n Pretty’s must have products that include everything she needs to step into even the sparkliest spotlight.

Use it like this:
A makeup and skincare bundle featuring a complete assortment of products for eyes, face, lips and body.
This is what’s in it:
9021-Glow! Eye & Cheek Palette: 3.3"H x 5.2" W x 0.8"L

9021-Bungalow Eye & Cheek Palette: 3.3"H x 5.2" W x 0.8"L

WhimsiCali Eye & Cheek Palette: 3.3"H x 5.2" W x 0.8"L

Oh, So Sweet Eye & Cheek Palette: 3.3”H x 7”W x 1”L

9021-Glow! Cheek & Highlighter Duo: 2.5"H x 2.7"W x 0.4"L

Talk Sweet 10K Shine Lip Gloss Trio: 3.5"H x 0.8"W x 0.8"L

Glo$$ Balm in Bank on Pink: 3.4"H x 0.98"W x 0.98"L

Featherlight Clear Mascara & Brow Gel: 4.7"H x 1.3"W x 1.3"L

Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara: 4.4"H x 0.7"W x 0.7"L

Cloud Mine Fragrance Rollerball - Full Size: 3.6"H x 2"W x 5.7"L

Oh, So Sweet Brush Set: 5.5"H x 8"W

9021-Glow! Fresh Start Cleanser: 6.7"H x 2.4"W x 1.5" diameter

9021-Glow! Fresh Start Moisturizer: 5.5"H x 1.3"W x 1.3"L

Dimensions of Rainbow Palm Bag: 8”H x 4”W x 9.25”L

Gen Glitter in BLVD Bling: 4.7"H x 1.3"W x 1.3"L

Cloud Fluff Shimmer Body Puff: 4.25” W x 3” H x 1” D

My Stellar Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes: 3.1"H x 1.1"W x 4.1"L