12 Birthday Gifts for Girls & Boys (Kids, Tweens & Teens)

12 Birthday Gifts for Girls & Boys (Kids, Tweens & Teens)

There’s always another kid’s birthday just around the corner. Stay ahead with the fun birthday ideas for girls and boys of all ages. From aspiring makeup artist to future filmmakers, there’s something for every young creative in the Petite ‘n Pretty gift guide.  

Help them celebrate their big day with fun birthday ideas that encourage creativity 

Sure, you could go the gift card route and let them pick out their own gift, but isn’t, like, 99 percent of the fun at kids’ birthdays the surprise and delight of a gift IRL? At least, that’s what we remember most from the many get-togethers of childhood lore for friends, siblings, cousins — even the cats’  birthday partiesKids’ birthdays are pretty specialand we love hunting for the best birthday gifts to keep on hand for the next bday celebration (or ten) coming up on the calendar. Stay ahead of the kids’ birthday rush with these fun birthday ideas for girls and boys! 


Fun Birthday Ideas for Kids (5-8) 

1. Mini Dreamers Pom Pom Crown 

This isn’t your standard headband, it’s a Pom Pom Crown from Mini Dreamers, curators of the cutest kids’ clothing on Planet Internet, and it takes the cake for kids’ birthday gift ideas to make the birthday girl or birthday boy feel super special on their big day.  

Fun birthday ideas: birthday gifts for kids


2. Hasbro Gaming’s Don’t Step in It! Unicorn Edition 

There are two things from being kids that our adult-selves will never grow too old for: unicorns and poop jokes. Cue Hasbro Gaming’s Don’t Step in It! Unicorn Edition, a game where blindfolded players try to avoid piles of, yup, you guessed it, unicorn poop. We have a hunch the kids won’t be the only ones rolling on the floor laughing after this funny birthday gift is out of its box.   

Fun birthday ideas: gifts for kids

3. Little Live Pets from Moose Toys 

Is the birthday girl or boy an animal lover, but not ready for the responsibility of a furbaby IRL? Try Little Live Pet from the creative toy makers at Moose Toys. We love that each Lil’ Cutie Pup barks, begs and plays with its little ball. 


Fun birthday ideas: little live pets gifts for kids

4. Petite ‘n Pretty Gen Glitter 

This pediatrician-approved glitter is specially designed to encourage creativity and improve coordination. All three super sparkly glitter shades glide effortlessly onto hair and skin, thanks to the custom oversized paddle applicator that’s easier for kids’ to control. Plus, it’s just as easy to wash off once the glitter party is over. (Is the glitter party ever really over, though?) 

 Fun birthday ideas: glitter gifts for girls and boys

File under fun birthday party ideas to save for later...

Because Gen Glitter’s formula is water-based, it makes superduper glitter slime that’s stretchy, non-sticky, loaded with glitter and smells like the signature-sweet Cloud Mine scent in all Petite ‘n Pretty formulas. Try this Confetti Glitter Slime recipe at your next kids’ birthday for a party they won’t soon forget! 


Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Tweens (8-12) 

5. FabKids Sneakers for Girls & Boys 

There’s no shortage of cute kids’ clothes and fab shoes to choose from in the FabKids world, but since we’re going the birthday gift route, we’re feeling a little over the top. Specifically, we’re feeling these Unicorn High Tops for girls and Dino High Tops for boys. Of course, if the shoe fits, unicorns and dinosaurs are for girls, boys, kids and never-grown-ups, alike! 

Fun birthday ideas: FabKids shoes gifts for kids

Fun birthday ideas: FabKids shoes for boys gifts

6. LEGO Kits 

LEGO has provided endless hours of creative problem-solving fun for generations of imaginative kids, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say we wish girl-power collabs like this DC Comics Wonder Woman Dorm was around when were kids. Our runner-up choice from LEGO in the best birthday gifts for girls and boys department is this Make Your Own Movie Kit as an intro to stop-motion animation for future filmmakers — channel that screen time into a creative learning opportunity! 


Fun birthday ideas: LEGO gifts for girls


Fun birthday ideas: LEGO gifts for girls and boys

7. Petite ‘n Pretty Best Birthday Bundle 

This makeup starter kit featuring the bestselling 9021-GLOW! Eye & Cheek Palette plus your pick of 10K Shine Lip Gloss is the best makeup for gifts to tweens just getting into beauty. The palette’s age-appropriate shades range from understated mattes to mega shimmers that go on sheer but build without being overly heavy or bold to create endless pretty makeup looks. 

Fun birthday ideas: pretty girls makeup from Petite 'n Pretty birthday bundle

8. IScream Llama Night Light 

It goes without saying that this adorable Llama Night Light deserves to be plugged into the party, whether the bday boy or girl is scared of the dark or not. 


Fun birthday ideas: Llama night light gifts for girls

Best Birthday Gifts to Give Teens (13+) 

9. Thumbs Up Panda Speaker 

In keeping with the cute animal theme, we’re dying over this Panda Bluetooth Speaker and Can. Not. Wait. to gift it at a kids’ birthday. What will teens love about it most? Probably the power button that doubles as a shutter remote, making selfies from a distance that much easier.  

Fun birthday ideas: panda bluetooth speaker gifts for girls and teens

10. Stoney Clover Lane Customizable Laptop Case 

More than laptop cases, you can customize bags of practically any size and function — from pouches and fanny packs perfect for stashing daily makeup essentials to backpacks and duffle bags for that school-to-gym life. We’re partial to the varsity lettering, but the beauty of Stoney Clover Lane’s vast patch collection is that these gifts for teens can be as unique as they are.  

Fun birthday ideas: Stoney Clover Lane gifts for girls and teens

11. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 

Selfies have been around a lot longer than the smartphone. Much like the original selfie-taking Polaroids of our parents’ youth, Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 have captivated today’s teens with the gratification that the digital sphere will never fully top: an instant-print photo. Naturally, we chose Flamingo Pink, but the Instax Mini comes in five fun colors.  

Fun birthday ideas: pink fujifilm instax gifts for girls

12. Petite ‘n Pretty Cloud Mine Fragrance 

There’s something special about your first fragrance that you never forget — probably because our sense of smell is so strongly linked to memory, especially childhood memories. That’s why we put the heart and soul of summer breaks-past into our first-ever fragrance, Cloud Mine. Inspired by vibrant sorbets bursting with flavor, fresh-picked fruit and fragrant flowers and cotton candy skies on the California horizon, our signature scent transports you back to the never-ending summer days that make teenage years so carefree. Whether it’s there first fragrance or one of many, Cloud Mine is one of the most thoughtful gifts for girls and teens we can’t wait to share.  


Fun birthday ideas: petite 'n pretty cloud mine gifts for girls


Kid’s birthdays don’t stop with gift ideas for girls and boys. There’s a whole lot of work, fun and planning that goes into making kids’ birthday special and memorable. Check out our Cloud Mine-inspired, cotton candy ice cream party and easy kids glitter slime recipes (Birthday Confetti and Liquid Gold) for more fun birthday ideas.