9 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your BFFs Will Actually Love

9 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your BFFs Will Actually Love Image

Friendship is a million little moments that add up to something we can’t get through the school year — let alone first period  without. What better time to let your squad know how much their love means to you than Valentine’s Day, the unofficial holiday of galentine friendships forever? You could give them a box of chocolates, but these funky-to-fabulous Valentine’s Day gifts will stay sweeter longer. Celebrate your loves with best friend gifts they’ll love. 


For the Friend Who's Always Snapping on Her Instax Mini 

And already snapped up Fujifilm’s pink lemonade film

She’s captured a trove of treasured memories from school dances to dance recitals to teaching your parents how to dance the floss. Keep her polaroid collection safe for years to come in a pink Prism Instax Mini Album the whole squad will love flipping through long after social media has lost its luster.


Pink Prism Mini Instax Album by mochithings
Mini Polaroid Album by mochithings, $24


For the Friend Who’s Seen Every Episode of Friends  

She’s the Monica to your Rachel, Ross to your Phoebe, belly laugh to your punchline

The continued popularity of the ‘90s hit show in the streaming era is proof that some friendships do last forever, especially those who have been through every season (of the show and life) together. What better way to gift your fellow Friends fanatic than wearing your shared love on your sleeves? Or in this case front-and-center with a Friends Logo Tee.

  Urban Outfitters Friends Logo Tee

Friends Logo Tee from Urban Outfitters, $39


For the Friend Who Always Has the Trendiest Tech 

And unicorn style as electric as her electronics

There is no shortage of glee-inducing BFF gifts fit for the gadget Galentine in your squad. Get her an iridescent Casery Phone Ring so she doesn’t have to worry about dropping her favorite palm extension. Or, help her curb that phone habit by giving her a new tech toy to try, like this portable, pocket-sized Thumbs Up Unicorn Speaker that connects to Bluetooth for up to four hours of device-free group dancing (that your Instax friend will definitely be capturing).   


Casery Phone Ring from Everafter

Casery Phone Ring from Everafter, $15 

Thumbs Up Unicorn Bluetooth Speaker 

Thumbs Up Unicorn Speaker from Everafter, $28


For the Space Cadet Moving to Mars 

Out-of-this-world Valentine’s Day gifts are the way to go

When it comes to cute Valentine's Day ideas for the friend whose mind is always wandering to a galaxy far away, we’re all for fueling their imagination with a  personalized Heart Star Map or this Neon Saturn Lamp to keep them inspired to shoot for the stars (and that astrophysics degree). 

Posterhaste Personalized Heart Star Map

Posterhaste Personalized Heart Star Map, $29


Locomocean Neon Saturn Light 
Locomocean Neon Saturn Lamp, $65


For the Aspiring Makeup Artist 

Who doesn’t need more makeup per se, but will flip for this

What do you give the friend who already has a palette collection to rival the prosShare your heart with this super special, super sweet Sparkle Squad Forever shareable box. This Valentine’s Day makeup gift set is filled with charms and pink, sparkly lip glosses — one for you, one for them. Or help her take her artistry next level with pro-grade cruelty-free brushes sized for growing artists. 

Petite 'n Pretty Sparkle Squad Forever lip gloss gift set

Sparkle Squad Forever Gift Set, $39

 Petite 'n Pretty 9021-SNOW! Brush Set

9021-SNOW! Brush Set & Fur Faux Brush Roll, $48

The Friend Always Making You Dance 

She’s already gifted but you can help her sparkle stand out even more

You know you’re going to be rooting for her on So You Think You Can Dance someday. Why not help her dial in her routine now with a gift that's as cute as it is practical? This Sequin Scrunchie will help keep her pony high and fly through every new move. 

Tasha Sequin Scrunchie from Nordstrom, $12Tasha Sequin Scrunchie from Nordstrom, $12


The Trailblazer Blazing Her Own Way 

Even self-starters need motivation every now and then

Gifts for your best friend are a way to let them know you love them for who they are — no matter how many fundraisers they ask you to volunteer at. Show your full support with a book full of inspiring stories of other trailblazing women who forever changed the world. With over 40 artists, athletes and revolutionaries, Rad Women Worldwide deserves a spot on the top of every future world-changers bookshelf. 

Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz

Rad Women Worldwide by Kate Schatz, $16


For the New-to-School Friend You Just Met 

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially when it’s this chocolate

Making new friends is a daunting task when you’re the fresh face at school. Now is the perfect opportunity to reach out to someone new and let them know there’s always room in your squad for one more. Keep it classic with the best chocolate bar on the planet from Compartés Chocolate. (We're partial to the California Love Dark Chocolate Salted Pretzel Bar, but there’s no shortage of mouthwatering morsels to choose from for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts to satisfy any craving.) 

Compartes Chocolate Bar

California Love Dark Chocolate Bar, $10 


A Sweet Treat for Every Friend in Your Sparkle Squad 

Make your friendships official with a Pink Pact lip gloss 

Their mini size and sheer pink sparkle make these 10K Shine Lip Glosses sweet gifts for your best friend. The best part about this Pink Pact shade? Each one comes in a box with a to and from note for you to fill in and personalize for each friend — just like you would on a Valentine’s Day card!  

 Petite 'n Pretty 10K Shine Lip Gloss in Pink Pact

Petite 'n Pretty Deluxe 10K Shine Lip Gloss in Pink Pact, $6

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we hope you love on the friends who make it special. Friendships are all about making moments together and showing up for each other. The best Valentine’s Day gifts you and your friends can really give are love, kindness and support through thick and thin. Love on, Sparkle Squad!