7 Small Gift Ideas For Your Makeup and Beauty-Obsessed Bestie

7 Small Gift Ideas For Your Makeup and Beauty-Obsessed Bestie

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Happy Holidays, #GlamSquad! We know you’re excited to live it up with your fam and friends this season — I mean, who doesn’t love shopping trips with your mom and festive sleepovers with your best friends! If you and your girls are hosting a secret Santa, white elephant or just plan to exchange gifts, Petite ‘n Pretty has tons of cute makeup gifts that all of your beauty-obsessed friends would adore. Whether you’re getting a gift for the girl who’s constantly re-applying lig gloss, the one who thrives off trying new mascaras or the one who obsesses over their skincare routine, you’ll find the best, safe makeup gifts below!

1. Talk Sweet Travel Size 10K Shine Lip Gloss Trio


This sparkly lip gloss trio will instantly become your bestie’s new favorite. Not only are these glosses perfect for tweens and teens, but they also come in gorgeous neutral shades (with adorable names like Glaze for Days and Sweet Tooth!) and are created with a mega glossy formula that’ll be the cherry on top of all of her makeup looks.

2. Cloud Fluff Shimmer Body Puff

This glamorous, limited-edition shimmer body puff is amazing for holiday parties, school dances or just anytime she may want a little extra sparkle! If your bestie is known for serving looks or likes to pamper herself and feel fabulous, she’ll fall in love with this soft, safe shimmer. It smells delicious and will leave her sparkling from head to toe. 

3. Cloud Mine Travel Size Holiday Rollerball 


And if she’s really into smelling sweet, this rollerball is another great option. It has floral and fruity notes, sprinkled with cotton candy topped and whipped vanilla cream.  Trust us, it’ll be a true crowd-pleaser in your group, and it’ll make anyone smile with every spray.


4. 9021-Glow Peel-Off Glitter Face Mask

This peel-off mask is a dream come true for the girly with the *intense* skincare routine. You know who we’re talking about: The one who’s constantly reminding you to wash your face before bed or the one who thrives off a good spa night with her girls. This mask will give her the ultimate selfie-ready glow we know she loves. Amazing for sleepovers or anytime she wants a little glow, it’ll slip right into her nighttime routine, and her skin will definitely appreciate you.

5. Featherlight Clear Mascara and Brow Gel


You can never go wrong with clear brow gel — it’s a staple for any makeup look! This tween and teen-friendly gem tames lashes and brows with a weightless formula that’ll add a nice slick and sleek vibe to your face. When you gift the basics, you know she’ll get a ton of use from it, and it just might become her new holy grail. Plus, who wouldn’t want the gift of beautiful brows and luxe lashes?

6. Pocket Makeup Mirror


Eyeliner check-ups and lip gloss re-applications are made easy with a little pocket mirror you can throw in your bag or slip in your jeans. This gift would work especially well for your bestie who’s always on the go — she can fix her hair or swipe a fresh layer of mascara wherever! This adorable mirror from Amazon even includes a LED light and 10x magnification for those nitty-gritty details.

7. Nail Art Stickers


If she’s really into her nail art or is the kind of gal who couldn’t be caught without a fresh manicure, consider getting her some funky nail art stickers to spice up her next at-home manicure. This bunch from Amazon has over 300 fun stickers, so she’ll have everything she needs to get creative.

Remember: It’s the thought that counts when finding the perfect holiday gifts for your friends. Your squad will totally love you for anything you get for them, so just have fun when shopping! For bonus points, wrap your gift in a cute bag or wrapping paper, and you’ll be sure to put a smile on your bestie’s face!