The Cutest #GlamSquad Merch Items Available Right Now

The Cutest #GlamSquad Merch Items Available Right Now

Did you know that Petite ‘n Pretty has a totally jaw-dropping selection of mech items? If not, you have some major shopping to do. From the coziest robes and hoodies to everyday essentials like hair clips and blue light glasses, our hand-picked products are truly to-die-for. These make the perfect gifts for your besties — or for yourself! Take a peek at some of our beauty faves below, and you’ll get the hype…they’re a want, not a need.

1. All Glow Hoodie

You can never have enough hoodies, right? Our All Glow graphic hoodie is seriously the softest thing ever, with adorable designs along the sleeves and a rainbow on the front. Inspired by our 9021-GLOW collection, you can throw this on any day you want to feel comfy and cute — a must-have for weekend sleepovers and school days.

2. Blue Light Glasses

Whether you’re in virtual school or just can’t live without your phone, a pair of blue light glasses will protect your delicate eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. If you didn't know, prolonged exposure to blue light has been linked to eye strain, sleep disruption and even skin damage. Our PnP-picked blue-light blockers are adorable, tween-and teen sized and will match all of your outfits, so grab a pair today to reap its benefits!

3. Bungalow Beach Towel

With spring and summer right around the corner, it’s a good time to refresh your beach essentials. Our Bungalow Beach Towel is perfect for lounging in the sand or by the pool, and it’s made with pretty palm trees all over so you can wrap yourself in a true bungalow paradise.

4. Pink Palm hair Clip

We can’t be the only ones who seem to lose their hair clips as soon as we get them home. Stock up on our Pink Palms Hair Clips and you’ll be prepared for the toughest of hair battles — we’re talking pesky flyaways, bangs that never get out of your eyes and everything in between. These clips are small but mighty and will hold your hair back with ease…and you can forget about those dreaded creases! 

5. Clean and Cozy Skincare Set

You’ll want to live in this robe — what’s not to love? It’s soft, luxurious and the cutest purple tie-dye color. It’ll be your best friend for all your lounging needs, whether you need something quick and cozy to throw on as you’re glamming yourself up or something fuzzy to curl up and watch a movie in. What’s sweeter, this set comes with a few of our skincare go-to’s, so you can *really* upgrade your skincare routine. With our favorite 9021-GLOW Fresh Start Cleanser and Moisturizer, you’ll be set to achieve your fresh face in style.

We have the ultimate merch items for our #GlamSquad. We’re always updating our list, so keep up with our top picks, and you’re sure to fall in love with some cool new products. We’d love to see how you glow-getters rock your favorite items, so be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram!