5 Ways Our Bubble Bags Do More Than Store Pretty Makeup

5 Ways Our Bubble Bags Do More Than Store Pretty Makeup Image

Store more than pretty makeup with these cute-as-can-be multitaskers

Few things are more satisfying than things that can be used again and again for more than one thing. Take, for example, the super cute confetti-filled bubble bags that come in every Petite ‘n Pretty package (plus the cutest stickers everrrrr). The best thing about these collectible bags is that they are useful for so much more than storing pretty makeup. Below, our favorite bubble bag hacks we use day in and day out. You're welcome.  

Hack #1: Pencil Bag 

Bubble bag hacks: store more than pretty makeup

The first is the most obvious. Each bubble bag has a three-hole tab opposite the zipper...this was not an accident. Not only are these bubble bags perfectly sized to fit all your No. 2 pencils, pens, highlighters and notes the teacher didn’t catch, but they slide seamlessly into your binder. That's one thing you can check off your back-to-school shopping list early! 

Hack #2: Snack Sack

The PnP offices are pretty much fueled by goldfish and granola bars. We’ve been known to stuff a bubble bag or two with all our favorite snacks to avoid the 3 pm hangry episode. Wherever you need a little snack to get through the day — before the gym, during recess, on the bus stuck in traffic — take a Petite ‘n Pretty bubble bag of shareable treats for you and your friends. 

Hack #3: Jet-Set Bag 

Bubble bag hacks: store more than pretty makeup

Do you know what’s better than putting all your mini liquids and toiletries in a ziplock bag that'll end up in the trash? Stashing them in a sturdy, reusable zip-close bubble bag. Jet-set through TSA checks with good sense and style. Or use is it to organize all your in-flight travel necessities — kids makeup, headphones, coloring pencils, you name it.  

Hack #4: Holographic Clutch 

Bubble bat hacks: store more than pretty makeup

Take it out on the town! With our holographic palm tree confetti floating trapped in the bag, it makes for one C-U-T-E clutch or mini purse. It’s big enough to carry your wallet, keys, favorite lip gloss and pretty makeup for touchups, but not too big to comfortably carry. Or attach a long chain or ribbon in the binder holes to make a long, pretty strap and turn it into a crossbody bag. With all the bubble bag versions we create season-to-season, you could get create a purse to suit any occasion! 


Hack #5: Gift Wrap 

Bubble bag hacks: store more than pretty makeup

Ditch the wrapping paper and put your gift in a bubble bag! The confetti screams happy birthday better than any card anyway. If you’re celebrating another beauty lover, throw in a lip gloss, palette or one of our makeup kits for the best girls birthday gift ever that she can pay forward to someone else. Top off with a bow or wrap with ribbon to complete the presentation.  

Got a Better Bubble Bag Hack?

We love hearing ideas from our Sparkle Squad! Tell us how you’re using your bubble bags to organize, save space, store pretty makeup and reuse. Fun fact: we release new versions of this bag with seasonal confetti often so be sure to collect them all!