Get the Look: Clean Girl Makeup

Get the Look: Clean Girl Makeup

If you’re a total TikTok fangirl like us, you have totally seen the #CleanGirl makeup trend. Loved for its simplicity and seen worn by style icons like Hailey Bieber, it’s been all the rage on the app — and is super easy to achieve. Whether jet-setting to class or a sleepover, this effortlessly elevated look is the perfect go-to for any adventure and can be completed with a few of your favorite Petite ‘n Pretty products. Think slick buns, glowy skin and “less is more” as you follow along to achieve this minimalist look


The “Clean Girl" aesthetic is all about skin prep, so take some time to focus on your skincare before layering on any makeup products. As always, we love using the 9021-GLOW! Fresh Start Cleanser and Moisturizer because it gives your skin a gentle cleanse and deep moisture. Use both products (and throw in the Holographic face mask if you have some extra time) to achieve supple skin.

Next, the Glow Up All Over Stick screams “Clean Girl”. With 4 shining shaded that pair beautifully with all skin tones, you may want to snag them all! Start by swiping your shade over the high points of your face as a highlighter, using the warmth of your fingers to smooth the magic into your skin. This will ensure the light hits you in all the right places — perfect for selfies!


Let’s keep the eyes muted for this look. If you love a good eyeshadow, go for one neutral eyelid shade, like one of the champagne shades in the 9021-GLOW! Eye & Cheek Palette. Use your finger to gently tap this color onto your eyelid, being careful to blend to avoid any harsh lines. Pop a bit into the inner corners of your eyes for that wide-awake, bright-eyed effect.

Or, you can take the same Glow Up All Over Stick and use that as your eyelid color to cut your makeup time in half! 

Next, grab the ​​Feather Stretch Washable Mascara. We’re going for natural, wispy eyelashes, so zig-zag the brush on your top and bottom feathers to finish off the eyes!


A fresh, glossy lip is just what you need to pull this look together. Smudge a bit of the 10K Lip Gloss over your lips and blend it out until you have the perfect shine!

“Clean Girl” aesthetic aside, mastering a minimal makeup look is always a good idea. You can have this in your toolkit for whenever you need something simple, are in a rush or are unsure of what to do with your makeup. Plus, playing around with neutrals will never let you down!