How To Get The TikTok Viral "I'm Cold" Look With Our Favorite Petite ‘n Pretty Products

How To Get The TikTok Viral "I'm Cold" Look With Our Favorite Petite ‘n Pretty Products

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Brrr, it’s cold outside! Along with busting out our favorite winter coats and gloves, one way we spice up the cold weather is with a beauty routine that like makes us sparkle from the inside out. If you find yourself on the Beauty side of TikTok — or #BeautyTok, then you’ve definitely seen the ultra-popular “I’m Cold” makeup trend. With over 141 million views on the app, this look mimics a frostbitten vibe, and we’re totally obsessed. Think snow princess, with rosy cheeks, icy eyes and frosty lips. And regardless of if you’re actually embracing freezing temperatures this time of year, this chic look is perfect if you want to make a statement. Add this look to your beauty repertoire, and pull it out when you’re looking for something versatile, simple yet bold.

Keep reading to learn how you can re-create this look with some of our favorite Petite ‘n Pretty products!

Step 1: Winter Skin

When it comes to skin, we’re trying to achieve a more wintery look instead of the warmer glow that we typically love in the warmer months. Head to your bathroom and rab your favorite skincare products. Start with a clean, moisturized face to prep for the makeup magic. 

Step 2: Bold Blush 

Bold cheeks make this look *the* moment, so grab your 9021-GLOW! Eye & Cheek Palette and start with the bright, rosy blush shade “Pink Palms”. Swipe it all over the fluffy side of the brush in your palette and swipe it along your cheeks in circular motions. Give yourself that chilly, Rudolph-style nose and winter face by blending the pretty color across your nose and lightly around the outline of your top lip. If you’re into a more glitzy vibe, feel free to mix “Pink Palms” with “Beam” before brushing it all over.

Note: Don’t be afraid to go heavier on the blush than you normally would! 

Step 3: Icy Lids

Add some shimmer and sparkle to your eyes with your Paradise on Ice Makeup Starter Set. This set is essential for your frosty makeup, so feel free to use any of its eyeshadow shades to personalize your look how you like. Today, we’re reaching for the sheer, champagne shade “Chilly Frilly”. Melt a light layer of your color over your lids with clean fingers and drag a bit of it along your lower lash line for a gorgeous, wide-eyed effect. 

Next, grab your trusty Frozen in Flight Mascara & Brow Gel Duo and tame your brows with the clear eyebrow gel. Don’t forget to use the black mascara in the set on your upper and lower lashes to really make your eyes pop.

Step 4: Frosty Lips

Nothing says “I’m cold” like a frosty lip! The 10K Shine Lip Gloss in the shade “Diamond Heist will make you feel like you’re frolicking in the snow. Apply a layer of this lightweight, non-sticky gloss to your lips to top off your icy dream!

Now, all you need is a cup of hot chocolate! This look works beautifully for selfies, holiday parties — and everything in between. You’ll feel like the most trendy, glamorous and chic angel you’ve ever seen, especially when you pair it with your favorite winter gear. Pull out this look when you’re ready to embrace the winter flush this season and be sure to tag us in your photos to show us how your gorgeous creation comes to life.