How To Perfect The Cut Crease (Easy)

How To Perfect The Cut Crease (Easy)

7 Easy Steps to Get The Perfect Cut Crease
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Hey Sparkle Squad, you asked and we’re answering! Here’s how to create the perfect easy cut crease in 7 quick steps! 


Pressley Hosbach with Petite'n Pretty  All Glow Selfie Mirror

1. Prime The Lids

Using the primer of your choice, prime your eyelids. Apply the primer onto the lids and up to the brow bone. You can use your finger or one of our brushes. We recommend the Petite'n Pretty Eye Shader Brush 1E.

Petite'n Pretty 9021- BUNGALOW Eye and Cheek Palette

2. Apply Shadow to The Crease

Using the crease blender brush 2E, pick up the shade cocao-nuts from the 9021- BUNGALOW! Eye & Cheek Palette and apply it just above the natural crease of your eyes.

Petite'n Pretty Eye Shader Brush

3. Cut The Crease

Using a concealer of your choice and the Petite Eye Shader Brush 1E, cut the crease by patting the concealer along the crease bone. Be careful not to add any concealer above the crease bone.

Petite'n Pretty Check Brush 1F

4. Set The Lids

Apply your favorite translucent setting powder on top to set the concealer using the Petite’n Pretty Cheek Brush 1F from the brush set.

Petite'n Pretty 9021-BUNGALOW! Cheek & Eye Palette

5. Add The Rest of Your Shadow

Taking the Petite’n Pretty 9021- BUNGALOW! Eye & Cheek Palette and your shadow of choice. We recommend using a shimmer shade, like Cabana Bae or Blissed Out Bronze for some sparkle!

6. Clean It UP!

Using the My Stellar Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes, clean up any fall out from the eyeshadow under the eye and around the sides.

Petite'n Pretty Fully Feathered Mascara

7. Add The Final Touches!

To finish off the look, use the fully feathered mascaraIt will really make your eyes POP! 

We hope you followed along and enjoyed creating the perfect cut crease, Sparkle Squad! Don’t be shy, if you created this look with us, tag us @petitenpretty on Instagram!