Spring Makeup Look for Teens

Spring Makeup Look for Teens

An easy 6 step Spring makeup look for teens

Spring is in the air, Sparkle Squad! Time to grab your light jacket and go outside to smell the flowers! This Spring, it's all about embracing your natural glow with pops of color. Embrace your dewy skin with a sparkling highlighter, nude lip color, and add a pop of color on your cheeks.

Follow the steps below to see how you can create the perfect sparkle moment and what products to use!


Step 1: 9021-GLOW! Fresh Start Cleanser & 9021-GLOW! Fresh Start Moisturizer

The first and most important step in creating the perfect Spring Makeup look is the base! Use the 9021-GLOW! Fresh Start Cleanser to wash your face and then 9021-GLOW! Fresh Start Moisturizer to add moisture to the skin.

Step 2: Barefoot

To get the perfect gold sparkling eye, use the Tropicali! This palette gives you the perfect subtle gold shimmer! Using the crease brush 2E from the Brush Set or the smaller end of the dual-ended brush that comes in the 9021-GLOW Eye & Cheek Palette, start with the Barefoot shade and blend it right above the crease.


Step 3: Bungalow Bronze

9021-GLOW Eye & Cheek Palette is the perfect palette to get that gold/bronze shimmer. Using your finger or the smaller end of the dual-ended brush that comes with the palette, pick up Bungalow Bronze and add it all over the lid.

 Corinne Joy with Petite'n Pretty Gen Glitter

Step 4: Pink Palms & Gen Glitter

Using the 9021-GLOW Eye & Cheek Palette, pick up Pink Palms blush with the bigger end of the dual-ended brush that comes in the palette and sweep it across your cheeks. Then, pick up Gen Glitter BLVD Bling, or 14 Karat Wear It, whichever you prefer, and use the custom paddle applicator, and add it onto your cheeks, for that sparkling moment! Once applied, use your fingers to blend it in!

Step 5: Fully Feathered

Grab the Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara to make your lashes stand out! Apply the mascara to your lashes starting at the base of the lashes and brush it outwards. Repeat on other eye and bottom lashes.

Don't forget the last step! LIPS!!! Go grab the GLO$$ Balm Glossy Lip Balm in $tocks and Bronze. $tocks and Bronze is a buttery-soft, lightweight lip balm that glides and melts onto the lips instantly for a high-gloss finish. It will also leave your lips feeling softer than ever. 

Stocks and Bronze Glo$$ Bomb Glossy Lip

Step 6: $tocks and Bronze

Remember, practice makes perfect, and don't forget to have fun! Makeup is all about having fun and being creative! You can even add a pop of color on the lids for Springtime - pinks, blues, yellows, or purple. Just have fun! Remember, you are perfect just the way you are!


Don't forget to tag us at @petitenpretty when you do your Spring Makeup look! We love to see you sparkle!