3 Tips For Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant (Plus, the Deodorant We Can’t Stop Talking About)

3 Tips For Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant (Plus, the Deodorant We Can’t Stop Talking About)

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It may be time to ditch your deodorant! Tons of people are leaving their traditional deodorant for safer, cleaner and more natural alternatives. These products are free from aluminum and other ingredients that could lead to build-up on the skin, which may cause extra sweat and make body odors worse. It can even react with the chemicals in your clothing and create stains! That said, swapping your traditional deodorant for a natural one will leave all the yucky stuff out, so your body focuses on the good. The ingredients in natural deodorants limit certain skin issues (and can even soothe your skin) and doesn’t contain those pore-blocking ingredients, so your body produces less odor — even when you aren’t wearing it. So, say goodbye to pit stains and irritation!

Petite ‘n Pretty’s natural deodorant is new in town, and it’s here to upgrade your beauty routine. Although a small part of your routine, your deodorant is a big part of your day. It makes you feel (and smell) good and will give you the confidence you need to tackle the day. We’ve been loving the PnP option because it's dermatologist-approved, aluminum-free and has the yummiest scent. But your body may need time to adjust to a natural deodorant, especially if you normally use a more traditional option, so keep reading for a few pointers.

Give It Time

While you get used to the natural deodorant, you may feel less fresh and sweat more — but stick it out! Mainstream deodorants tend to double up as an antiperspirant  — which stops you from sweating — and a natural deodorant gives your skin more room to breathe, so a little extra sweat for a bit is common. This phase is totally temporary, and once it’s over you’ll be feeling fresher than ever. While you wait for your armpits to get accustomed to an aluminum-free routine, remember that you can touch up your deodorant throughout the day as needed. Throw it in your bag when you need touch-ups throughout the day — the beautiful blue and pink bottle is compact and will look adorable in your purse or backpack!

Remember to wash and exfoliate your skin as normal throughout this process as well. A good shower will wash any of the ickiness that you feel during your skin purging period!

Try A Detox Mask

Along with simply waiting it out, you can also try a clay mask under your arms to remove any impurities. You can easily look to Pinterest for ideas for an at-home mask and can also buy products like this if you’re not in the DIY mood. A good mask will cleanse and nourish your skin with what it needs to speed through the detox phase!

Don’t be Afraid to Sweat

As your body adjusts to a natural deodorant, you’ll need to literally sweat out all the bad stuff from your old products, so don’t be scared of the sweat! Think “out with the old and in with the new” and let your body do its thing. Exercise is also a great way to get you sweating, so walking the dog or gym class activities will be especially useful during this time! Even when your detox phase is over, exercise and getting a good sweat in is always a good thing, so remember to get up and get moving!

And just like that — a natural deodorant can work for you! This will be a big (and exciting!) shift, so remember to give it time, and don’t give up! Once your body adjusts, the Petite ‘n Pretty deodorant will quickly become your new best friend. It’ll keep you dry and fresh with natural odor absorbers like avocado and coconut oil, and will make you smile when you put it on each day!