The Cold Weather Beauty Guide You Need This Winter

The Cold Weather Beauty Guide You Need This Winter

We’ve all been there: Winter hits and we can never get enough of our moisturizer and lip balm. Cold weather can be rough on our skin, potentially leaving us with flaky lips and dry patches on our face — and nobody loves dry skin. Winter tends to create a vibe that’s perfect for causing dry skin, from cold temperatures to low humidity, that sucks up moisture from our skin. Luckily, we don’t have to fall victim to the winter’s harsh air. There are a few things we can do in our daily routine that will protect us from the breezy air and will maintain that fresh glow that may come easier in the warmer months. Here are a few of our favorite beauty tips to preserve your skin this winter, so you can feel glowy and gorgeous all season long!


Avoid long, hot showers


It may feel natural to warm yourself up with a hot shower after trekking through the cold, but excessive hot showers can lead to dryness by stripping your skin's oils. Try to opt for warm water — and be sure to follow up your showers with a good moisturizer or oil.


Choose good-quality moisturizing products


Your skin will thank you if you show it some extra love with the products you use. Hunt for good quality products that will nourish your face and lips. We always reach for the Petite

N Pretty Fresh Step Moisturizer when our face needs some TLC. This product is totally tween and teen-friendly and contains anti-pollution complexes and clean ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your face. Massage a generous amount of the product on your skin immediately after washing — and feel free to use any excess on your hands to give them some life, too.


Spend a little bit of extra time on your skincare routine to feed your skin. Once a week, we use the 9021-GLOW! Peel-Off Mask. Not only is this product beautifully glittery, but it’ll also give your face what it needs to withstand that crazy winter weather.


The GLO$$ BALM Glossy Lip Balm will be your holy grail this season. It’s ultra-moisturizing and will fit in your pocket or makeup bag with ease. This will give your lips the perfect dewy look while maintaining their softness.


Drink loads of water


We’re always told to drink more water, but it’s so essential to remember when the weather cools down. When we keep our body hydrated from within, it will be better equipped to fight off dryness. When you don’t take in enough fluids, it can affect how your skin looks and feels.  


Consider getting a humidifier


To the same tune, you may also consider getting a humidifier to bring moisture back you’re your skin. When we use indoor heating, the moisture is often sucked from the air — and a humidifier will help add that moisture back into the air. Plus, it would make an amazing addition to your Christmas list, so you can have your own at-home spa every day!


Keep your skin safe, besties! Our skin is delicate and is the most important base for makeup, so be sure to pay special attention to it this season. Whether you’re rocking holiday parties, spending some time enjoying the snow or just doing your day-to-day routine, it’s always better when you have fresh, soft skin to seal the deal.