The Ultimate Guide For the Best Brows

The Ultimate Guide For the Best Brows

Are you in your healthy brow era? We are, too. We’ve all had those moments where we’ve gotten a bit too excited with our tweezers – but luckily, when you show your brows a bit of extra love, they will love you right back! With a few tips and tricks, you can achieve your perfect brow look whenever! Having healthy brows that fit your style is a game-changer because they frame your eyes. When you’re having a good brow day, you’re set to just have a great makeup day all around. No matter how you like to wear your brows, there are a few things to keep in mind to maintain their shine, fullness and manageability. From keeping them moisturized to shaping them, find a few tips and tricks below that will give you the ultimate brows. 

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Tip 1: Keep Them Moisturized

First things first: Moisturized brows are happy brows. When you’re moisturizing your face each day and night (bonus points if you’re using the 9021-GLOW Fresh Start Moisturizer), don’t forget to massage a bit onto your eyebrows and the skin underneath. This will work to promote hair growth by strengthening the skin barrier, meaning it’ll help you achieve thicker, fuller brows.

To step it up a notch, you can even apply a natural oil to your brows to promote growth. Oils like castor oil and coconut oil have a ton of benefits, like protecting your skin from bacteria, and can be applied to the brows to lock in moisture.

Tip 2: Groom Them With Love 

The best way to find your perfect brow shape and look is to play around with them! Grab a mirror, spoolie, and a pair of tweezers (if you want), and have a bit of fun. First, get up close and personal with your mirror — this works even better if your mirror has a magnified side! Brush your brows in an upward motion with your spoolie then sweep them to the direction they grow to see how they frame your face. If you notice you have a stray few hairs that stand out, feel free to pluck them with your tweezers. Be sure to go slowly and only pluck the wild hairs for now to avoid any mistakes!

If you’re interested in a more dramatic change, we recommend seeing a professional or asking your parent or guardians for guidance!

Tip 3: Have Some Fun!

Now, it's time to give your brows some glam! With a few products in your makeup bag, you can tame, polish and highlight your brows in a flash. If you’re looking for a barely-there look, go straight for the Featherlight Clear Mascara & Brow Gel. Brush your rows in place, and finish the look with a few swipes of the wand. This product has a weightless texture that’ll lock the hairs in place all day. It also doubles as mascara if you really want to go au naturel! 

If you notice a few bare spots, go in with the Featherlight Brow Tint Pen, and fill them in! Choose the shade that best suits your natural brow color, and use wispy strokes to gently coat the spots. We love this product because it’s super easy to use with a soft, sheer formula that’ll last all day! It’s beginner friendly and is totally buildable for tween and teen-friendly brow definition. Feel free to add your Featherlight Clear Mascara & Brow Gel after filling your brows with the pen to lock everything in!

Next, bring a bit of sparkle to your face by adding a highlight beneath your brow bone. This will instantly make your skin look more glowy and will add more definition to your eye area. We recommend using the gorgeous golden shade “Sandbar Shimmer” from the 9021-GLOW Cheek & Highlighter Duo!

Having the best brows is all about rocking them the way that makes you feel confident! There are so many ways you can style your brows, and it can feel overwhelming — but remember to keep it fun! Don’t be afraid to play around with them until you find your look, whether that means shaping them a bit or simply brushing them to perfection. Your brows can make all the difference to your eye looks, so spend some time with them to explore what works best with your style!