5 Easy Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts & Crafts

5 Easy Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts & Crafts

These homemade DIY gifts for mom will make her day extra special. Whip up her favorite batch of cookies, make her a 10-minute masterpiece with watercolors or get all sparkled up for an at-home mother-daughter date with Mother’s Day activities and crafts that are easy, fast and fun.  

Make mom’s day with thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift ideas straight from the heart...and the craft closet. These last-minute diy gifts for Mother’s Day are kid-friendly, easy to make and (mostly) easy to clean up. All you need for these homemade gifts for mom is a little glue, a dash of sparkle and a whole lotta love. 

Give Her Flowers That Live Forever 

Can't decide between fresh flowers or a homemade gift? This diy paper flower planter is the best of both worlds and a fun craft to make with mom that she can hang immediately and enjoy for years to come.  

Make Her a Promise Book

The best Mother's Day gifts are the ones that let her know you’re really listening. This printable Promise Booklet will make her heart melt. Promise to give her a hug every hour, clean your room without being asked, wash all the dishes by yourself or fill in your own ideas just for her.  Click to download

Bake Mom’s Favorite Cookies

Gia Pink — the daughter of Petite ‘n Pretty’s founder and namesake of our fave OG 10K Shine Lip Gloss — whipped up a batch of her mum’s favorite cookies: classic chocolate chip. If there’s one thing Gia and Sam love more than pink, it’s baking together (and sneaking a spoonful of dough before these melt-in-your-mouth cookies go in the oven). 


Have a Mother-Daughter Date at Home 

Who says you have to have somewhere to go to get your glow on? Heck, who says you have to get out of bed? All you need for a mother-daughter date this weekend is your favorite make-me-feel-pretty makeup for a stay-at-home (or in bed, we don't judge) makeover.  

Make a DIY Mother’s Day Card

A good ole’ fashioned diy Mother’s Day card with a sweet note just might be the thing that mom treasures the most this year. Cut-out coffee filters awash in watercolors give this card a fun 3D look that kids will love creating. 


More Fun Things to Do On Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2020 looks a little different this year, but it can still feel special from home. Thoughtful diy cards and homemade gifts are an easy way to let mom know you’re thinking of her but nothing can replace spending time with her — memories together are the greatest gift. Make more memories with these 11 fun art projects from your mom’s childhood that kids still love today, or throw a decadent ice cream party for the whole family to enjoy.