11 Fun Art Projects from Your Childhood That Kids Still Love Today

11 Fun Art Projects from Your Childhood That Kids Still Love Today

Creative ways and hands-on ideas to stay positive and inspired at home amidst COVID-19 closures, quarantines and social distancing.  
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Like so many parents in our Sparkle Squad, we’re adjusting to our new daily routine at home with the kids and doing our part to keep COVID-19 from spreading even more. It’s been a lot of change — working from home, missing gym days, feeling stuck inside and learning how to homeschool on the fly (shout out to all the teachers out there who do this daily...).  

But even in these uncertain times, we believe there’s a lot of room for positivity, creativity and togetherness. If, like us, you’re hunkering down with the kiddos and looking for ways to keep them (and you) inspired, then we hope you enjoy these fun art projects dusted off from our own childhood that we’re doing with our kids in the days to come. Be safe. Stay positive. Keep sparkling — from a distance, of course. 



Popsicle stick art

From finger puppets to bird feeders, there’s nothing you can’t make with a few popsicle sticks and a bit of glitter and paint. Have a little actor on your hands? Help them stage their own production with all their favorite farm animals. (Unicorns with glitter horns count as farm animals!) Or maybe your future engineer is more into problem-solving a construction zone — put on your thinking caps (and hard hats) and help them build the prettiest birdhouse on the block. 



Fun art projects for kids at home

Let’s be honest, macaroni, especially when paired with cheese, is a work of art all on its own — and a winner with kids. But there’s a whole world of fun art projects in every bag of pasta just waiting to be created. With a little paint, lots of pasta and loads of imagination you and the kids can turn bow ties into butterflies, spaghetti noodles into oodles of lion’s mane, shells into snails and penne into posh necklaces. Pasta la vista, baby! 



Fun art projects for kids at home

These easy (and hello, cute) paper crafts for kids can be made in a matter of minutes. Short on paper? Spare a dollar for a mini version or use painted coffee filters to give these critters a marbled watercolor look, then hang them up all around the house 



For aspiring makeup artists, mom’s makeup is the equivalent of a box of crayons and the wall a blank canvas in need of a little more rouge. Put their artistic pursuits into practice with a palette all their own filled with sheer, shimmery makeup safe for kids. Using the petite-size brush and these downloadable face charts, they can color, shade and blend to their heart's content without using an ounce of your makeup (or getting any of it where it doesn’t belong).  



Fun art projects for kids at home

This is one indoor kids’ activity that’s been around for eons and isn’t losing any steam in the fun department. But over the years, traditional play dough has seen a lot of creative upgrades. It wouldn’t be Petite ‘n Pretty playdough without a little glitter, a whole lotta pink and a pinch of cotton candy blue 



Homemade glitter slime recipe

Ok, we didn’t have glitter slime as kids, but we’re fully onboard with this new stress-relieving trend as grownups because 1) glitter and 2) slime. Seriously, have you ever squeezed a handful of glitter slime? It’s no wonder kids are obsessed with this #oddlysatisfying stuff. Try our homemade glitter slime recipes using water-based Gen Glitter to create glossy glitter slime, liquid gold glitter slime or confetti glitter slime and turn rainy days into a glitter slime party.



If they can’t play outside, bring the outside in — by the bucket. Smooth, rounded pebbles (or whatever you can find in the driveway) are a fresh canvas awaiting creation.  



Fun art projects for kids at home

Raise your hand if you still have a DIY friendship bracelet (or ten) on your wrist or tucked away in a keepsake box? Well, these positivity-inspiring works of art are making a comeback (if they ever really left at all). Braided or beaded, they will take focus and a wee bit of patience for bracelet beginners but believe us — it only takes one to turn into an obsession your kids will love to make again and again. And again.  



fun art projects for kids at home

Who else spent hours of their childhood mesmerized by the kaleidoscopic designs made possible by Spirographs? This may be an old-school kids’ activity but the possibilities (and hours spent) are just as endless today as they were when the spirographs first gained popularity in the 1960s. Use the patterns on homemade cards or make cut-outs to hang around their rooms.



Just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up! Give every kid and grownup their moment in the spotlight to strut their favorite outfit. Add a little cheek sparkle to the occasion to make them feel extra fancy when their time to shine comes!  




Blindfolded makeup challenge

You do the kids' makeup. The kids do your makeup. And whoever has brushes in hand has to create their makeup masterpiece blindfolded. Those are the rules of this Makeover Challenge (watch here for inspo and laughs) and they’re guaranteed to lift spirits with their hilarious results.