6 Beauty Hacks Every Teen Must Know

6 Beauty Hacks Every Teen Must Know

Hello #SparkleSquad! We totally get it - makeup can sometimes be difficult to figure out. So we have some awesome hacks for our teen makeup lovers. From our Petite n’ Pretty experts to you, here are 6 simple beauty hacks that any aspiring teen makeup artist can do in their own makeup routines! 

Base Game Strong

First let’s start with the most important part of your makeup routine - taking care of your skin! Your skin is the canvas for all your makeup creativity, so having a clean base to start your routine is crucial. For a clean start to your makeup routine, prep the skin with a gentle cleanser and a hydrating moisturizer. We recommend our 9021-GLOW! Fresh Start Cleanser and our 9021-GLOW! Fresh Start Moisturizer. With clean & safe ingredients, these 2 skincare essentials will give you the perfect base for your makeup.

Messy Mascara Hack

Do you ever get mascara all over your face? No worries - we have a simple trick to make sure your mascara doesn’t ruin your makeup. First, give it a minute or two to let the mascara completely dry. Then, take a cotton swab or spoolie and gently run it through your lashes to scratch off any excess mascara. We recommend using our Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara for instant thickness and definition. We also like to keep our Brow & Lash Spoolie 3E brush on deck to fluff the brows or scratch off any mistaken mascara!

Simple Summer Pop of Color

With Summer just around the corner, we all love a pop of color. For a kid-appropriate makeup look, we recommend a fresh glowy face, simple sweet eyes, and a touch of color on your lips! To pull this look off, we like using the 10K Shine™ Lip Gloss . It’s perfect for that little bit of color on your lips. It also comes in 2 everyday, wearable shades and 4 fun shades! It even makes a great makeup gift for all your friends to enjoy a pop of color this Summer!

Fresh Face, Fluffy Brow

We know that fluffy brows are all the talk right now! Who doesn’t love a feathered full brow? Complete your fresh face with selfie ready brows by using our Featherlight Clear Mascara & Brow Gel. This product is great for brushing your brows up for that perfect, fluffy look. You can even use it to subtly plump your lashes on a “no-makeup makeup” day!

Glow Baby Glow!

Looking for an all-over glow to your look? We have the perfect beauty hack for you! We recommend applying our Gen Glitter above your cheekbones and above your cupid’s bow (which is just above your lip) for an instant glow effect. You can also use this product on your hair and body for even more sparkle! The glow really is all that!

Kissed by The Sun

We all know that being out in the sun for too long can harm the skin. But what if you want that cute, sunkissed look? We got you! With just a few simple steps, you can achieve this look without ruining your skin.


First, apply a little bit of bronzer on your cheeks, forehead, eye crease, and sides of your nose. Once you blend it all out, this will add dimension and color to the face!


Next, take your brush and place it higher up towards your temples and swoop it down towards the bridge of your nose. Then sweep the tiniest bit to the sides of the forehead and on the tip of the nose for that sunkissed look!

Now it’s time to highlight! Use the shimmer highlighter shade “Beamer” in our 9021-GLOW! Eye & Cheek Palette and place it on the high points of your cheeks. We also like to add a tiny bit of highlighter on the bottom of the chin, the forehead, and on the tip of the nose for more shimmer. And Voila - you have the perfect Sun kissed makeup look!

Do you have any hacks yourself? Let us know your tips and tricks! Take a photo of your makeup look using your favorite beauty hacks and tag us @petitenpretty to share your results!