Behind the Brush: Why Our Makeup is Pediatrician-Approved

Behind the Brush: Why Our Makeup is Pediatrician-Approved

One key thing that sets Petite ‘n Pretty apart: Our makeup is pediatrician-approved. But what does that mean, exactly? Let’s take a closer look at how we ensure our products are as safe and fun as possible for our Sparkle Squad.
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No matter how much (or little) glitter we wear, Petite ‘n Pretty never covers up its core values. To us that means expression is everything and for everyone, and safety is the expectation — never the exception. In our series, Behind the Brush, we go deeper into what our core values mean, what makes up our makeup and above all how we aspire to inspire creativity in all young creatives.

Today’s haute topic: Why our makeup is pediatrician-approved.

TROPICALI Eyeshadow PaletteKids, tweens, and teens aren’t the only ones who love Petite ‘n Pretty makeup—pediatricians dig our sparkle, too. In fact, we have a medical advisory board that signs off on every product we make. Why? Our founder, Sam Cutler, is a mom herself, and she wanted to ensure that our ingredients are safe and that our makeup provides a 100% positive experience for young creatives.  

We currently consult with three doctors—pediatric psychologist Marissa Feldman, PhD; pediatric physician Maria Garcia Lloret, MD; and pediatric occupational therapist Jean Pacifico-Banta, MA, OTD, OTR/L—and our board is growing. Our pediatrician approval process sets us apart from other kids’ makeup brands, and parents appreciate that it gives them peace of mind when back-to-school shopping (or at any time of year). Let’s take a closer look at what it means for our makeup to be pediatrician-approved. 


Our makeup is rigorously tested for kids’ safety

GLO$$ BALM™ Glossy Lip BalmFrom lip gloss to glitter to eyeshadow and blush, there’s one thing that all of our makeup has in common: It never contains ingredients that are known to have potential health risks. With input from our medical advisory board, we’ve ensured that all of our formulas are made with the highest-quality raw materials and are paraben-free, phthalate-free, talc-free, and free from common allergens including nuts and gluten.

But our clean ingredient lists are just the beginning. Each product is patch-tested on people (not animals!), screened for heavy metals, and meets all FDA regulations, as well as the guidelines for prop 65 and the Oregon State Child Safety Act. Unlike most other makeup brands, Petite ‘n Pretty products are safety tested for both adults and kids ages 5+ for an extra layer of safety—because when it comes to the health of our Sparkle Squad, we refuse to take any chances.

We’ve designed our packaging to promote visual, motor, and creative skills

Fully Feathered Volumizing MascaraYou may already know that all of our brushes, wands, and palettes are comfortably sized for petite features and hands. It was important for us to get this right, because the act of putting on makeup can be super-beneficial for kids’ motor skills, visual skills, and creativity.

According to Dr. Pacifico-Banta, using the applicators in our Gen Glitter and 10K Shine Lip Gloss may help children better grasp and control writing instruments. Precision eyeshadow application can help improve hand-eye coordination, while experimenting with age-appropriate makeup colors, like the ones in our TropiCali palette, encourages artistry, ideation, and planning. Who doesn’t love learning that feels like play? 

We clinically test our products to ensure they’re good for kids’ mental health

Gen Glitter™It’s always been our mission to create makeup that encourages self-expression and celebrates individuality—and we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our products have a good impact on kids’, tweens’, and teens’ self-esteem.

Every time we launch a new product, we run a pediatric clinical perception test to assess how young creatives feel when using it. We’ve been really proud of our results to date: 99% of subjects report that they have fun using our products, while 97% say the products make them feel creative and 94% say they feel more confident. Our stamp of approval from Dr. Feldman is further proof that our makeup is a positive and inspiring first beauty experience.  

Have makeup-related questions for our medical board? Let us know! 

Whether it’s a question about our formulas or a concern about makeup and self-esteem, we’re happy to connect with our pediatrician team to help you find answers. Drop us a note on our contact page—we’re here for you!