How to Make a DIY Mask Chain Necklace in 4 Easy Steps

How to Make a DIY Mask Chain Necklace in 4 Easy Steps

Our new Pink Palms Face Mask for kids and teens is so cute, you won’t wanna lose it. Keep it secure while you’re out and about with this fun tutorial!  

Did you hear? Petite ’n Pretty just dropped a fun face mask for kids, tweens and teens! The Pink Palms Face Mask is *so* cute that you won’t want to lose it—so we’re going to teach you how to create a DIY mask chain necklace.

This customizable piece of jewelry helps keep any mask secure while at school, shopping, or out with the fam. Just clip both ends onto the mask’s ear straps and wear the mask normally. Even if you take off your mask to eat (or sip on a Pumpkin Spice Latte—’tis the season!), the mask chain necklace will keep it from falling on the ground or getting left behind.

Not only is a mask chain necklace practical, but it’s also a fun creative project for the weekend. So let’s get started! 


Here’s your super-simple mask chain necklace tutorial

Petite 'n Pretty DIY Face Mask

1. Have an adult measure and cut a piece of string—elastic cord, fishing wire, or silk thread all work perfectly—to the desired length around your neck. 

Petite 'n Pretty DIY Face Mask

2. Attach a lobster clasp to one end of the string with a knot.

Petite 'n Pretty DIY Mask 

3. Next, select your favorite beads and create a pattern on your string. You can even use letter beads to spell out your name—or make matching BFF mask chains! 

Petite 'n Pretty Face Mask

4. After stringing the beads, close off the other side of the string with another lobster clasp. Now, you’re ready to connect the string to your mask!

Safety first, Sparkle Squad! 

Here at Petite ‘n Pretty, we’re all about sparkling safely. Whether you’re wearing the Pink Palms Face Mask to protect yourself and others in public, or choosing our nut-free, talc-free, and pediatrician-approved makeup for kids, you can trust that we’ve always got your wellbeing top of mind. 

We’d love to see your finished mask chain necklace, so be sure to tag us @petitenpretty on Instagram and other social media platforms!