How to Use the New Petite ‘n Pretty Glow Up Sticks

How to Use the New Petite ‘n Pretty Glow Up Sticks

New product alert! We recently dropped our fabulous new products The Glow All Over Sticks — and they’re totally worth checking out. There’s so much to love about these — featured in four different shimmery shades, they’re ready to give your skin the ultimate glow! These lightweight, blendable beauties can be swiped wherever you’d like a little bit of extra shine, whether it be the eyes, lips or cheeks, making it a staple in your makeup bag. Add little shine here, a little glow there, and you’re set to rock the day or night! Here are a few tips to truly make the most of these teen and tween-friendly staples.

Step 1. Pick Your Favorite Color — Or Collect Them All!

These sticks are featured in 4 beautifully creamy colors, ranging from light and dark pinks. We recommend choosing a warmer color like “No Shade” or “Gimme Glimmer” if you have a warm complexion and a cooler shade like “”La-La-Lait” if you have a cooler complexion. But you can truly never go wrong with any shade from the bunch, so these are super stackable. Grab a few to play around with until you find your go-to colors. 

Step 2. Use it As the *Best* Face Highlighter

One of our favorite ways to use this gem is to apply it to the high points of our face for a subtle, dewy look. Think fresh-faced and healthy when you’re doing this, and lightly swipe the stick over your cheekbones, around the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose and around the cupid’s bow of your lips.

Step 3. Apply over lips or layer over your favorite Lip products

Take your day-to-day lip routine up a notch by applying the Glow Up Stick over your favorite lip products or over bare lips. It’ll add an extra layer of shine that’ll leave your lips irresistibly soft and glossy. It can also easily be thrown into your bag or backpack for those midday touch ups!

Step 4. Apply it In the Inner Corner of Your Eyes

Add some dimension to your eye looks by patting a bit of the lightweight formula into the inner corners of your eyes. Simply apply a bit of the Stick on your finger and add it to your inner corners to make your eyes look brighter and livelier. Add a remaining product underneath your eyebrow for an ulta-highlighted feel.

Step 5. Use it on Your Body

The best part of these Sticks is it’s versatility — you can safely apply just about anywhere you want to glow! If you’re on your way to a school dance, sporting event or another special occasion, blend the product around your collar bones, arms or anywhere the light hits naturally for a special glow that’ll make you feel glamorous all night long.

Step 6. Use the Warmth of Your Fingertips to Blend Out

Wondering how you should apply the product? Easy: Simply use your fingertips to blend the product wherever you’re in need of a little glow! The warmth of your fingertips will make the creamy product melt into the skin for the most natural, glowy finish. You can also swipe the stick over your skin and blend with your favorite small PnP brush for a similarly glowly feel.

It’s time to ditch any other highlighter stick and upgrade to our amazing Glow Sticks. You can rock a natural glow *anywhere* and these smooth formulas blend seamlessly into the skin for the best effortless sheen. Not only are they airy and blendable, they’re also safe, clean and well-suited for teens and tweens. Grab a few today and start experimenting with your glow!