Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Mine

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Mine

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Sometimes, your outfit just isn’t complete without the perfect scent. Whether you’re heading to school, an event, or hanging out with your girls, a few rolls of a yummy fragrance can take your daily look to a whole new level. Plus, not only can a good perfume give your makeup and outfit an extra layer, but it’ll also leave you feeling confident and ready to tackle the day. Petite 'n Pretty’s signature teen and tween-friendly scent, Cloud Mine, will instantly be the talk of the town and makes the perfect first fragrance for newbies. This iconic smell is inspired by vibrant sorbets and will have you dreaming of sweet treats. Its scent is layered with fluffy cotton candy musks, with smells of freshly-picked fruit to back it up. Once you start wearing Cloud Mine, it’ll quickly become your new go-to, and you’re in store for tons of compliments, mesmerizing everyone around you with the smell of fruity, floral sunshine.

If you’re new to perfume, it can take some time to understand how to use them and make them work the best for you. Once you get your hands on Cloud Mine, you may start asking yourself where and when you should apply it, how to keep the sweet smells lasting all day and night, and overall, how to experience everything you can from it! Here are a few of our favorite tips we use to squeeze the sweet euphoria out of every application of Cloud Mine.

Apply the Fragrance To Your Pulse Points

Choosing the right spots to apply your perfume is key because it’ll make the fragrance last longer. Rolling the perfume on your pulse points, or parts of your body where your blood is closest to your skin, will offer the brightest, most eccentric scent from your fragrance. Pulse points to keep in mind are your wrists, neck, and behind the knee. However, be sure to avoid rubbing your wrists together after you apply as this can, unfortunately, make the scent disappear from your skin faster and dull the notes of your fragrance. 

Apply Right After You Shower

Apply Cloud Mine right after a steamy shower to lock in the smell all day long. The steam from your shower will work to open the aroma up and when you’re fresh from the shower, your body is hot, which will help to diffuse the product. Plus, when you exit the shower, your pores are freshly opened and clean, leaving lots of opportunities for the smell to soak up the goodness and smell delicious all day. Be sure to confirm your skin is dry and roll the fragrance onto the key points of your body.

Prioritize Skin Hydration

Your skin’s hydration should always be top of mind, but it also serves a purpose for your perfume. Moisturized skin holds fragrance more effectively, so be sure to coat your body in a few layers of your favorite oils and lotions before topping it off with Cloud Mine, focusing on the areas you’re planning to apply the smell.

Store Your Bottle In a Cool, Dry Place

Although the Cloud Mine bottles are seriously adorable and would make the perfect candy-coated decoration for your nightstand, the best way to make your perfume last a long time is by keeping them stored in dark, dry places. We recommend storing it in your closet or hiding it away in a dark box for best results. If you’re desperate to keep your bottle out for show, be sure it’s in a safe spot that’ll keep it away from water and humidity — so, the bathroom may be a no-go. For the best of both worlds, grab a travel-size Cloud Mine along with the full-size bottle. That way, you can have an option to throw in your bag or any other unsafe spots while your big bottle sits pretty in your closet. Cloud Mine is also secured in a pretty pink silicone cover, so it’ll be safe even if it takes a plunge.

Are you making Cloud Mine your signature scent? If you haven’t tried it yet, we promise it’ll make the best everyday smell — especially as we approach the warmer half of the year! Embrace the spring and summer energy with a memorable scent that will make you think about all the magic seasons have to offer. We’re talking endless sleepovers with your besties, cotton candy at amusement parks and so much more. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll make the most out of your fruity, floral scent.