4 Ways to Limit Screen Time & Spark Creativity For Your Kids

4 Ways to Limit Screen Time & Spark Creativity For Your Kids

Hi #SparkleSquad Moms! We know that kids (and adults!) spend so much time looking at a screen. Whether it's staring down at a phone or watching Youtube videos all day, we want to inspire you and your family to spend a little less time in the virtual world and more time being creative! Here are our 4 favorite ways we like to limit screen time and spark creativity. 

Fun DIY Projects


Time to get hands-on and create something from scratch! At the Petite n’ Pretty Headquarters, we made glittery, glossy slime using our very own Hair & Body Gen Glitter. This is super fun because it’s not only fun for the kids, but it’s fun for you too! We have our own slime at our desks to play with as a little office stress-reliever. Check out the recipe for glossy slime here

Experiment with Makeup! 

Does your kid watch makeup tutorials all day? Spark that interest by letting them experiment with makeup for themselves! For aspiring kid makeup artists, we recommend our So Gifted Makeup Set that includes all the first-time makeup essentials that kids absolutely love. Formulated with clean ingredients that are pediatrician-approved, all of our makeup is age appropriate and safe for kids to play with! 

Color, Draw, & Create!

petite n pretty

Take out those colored pencils and glitter pens. Because we love to inspire our own kids to color and draw! We love printing out our Downloadable Face Charts for our kids to color, draw, and create their own makeup looks on paper. 

Go Out & Play

Petite 'n Pretty Party

Encourage your kids to play outside! We love going to our neighborhood parks and having fun in the sun after a long day working from home. After playtime, we like to freshen up with our Get Up & Glow Skincare Set. Our gentle, dermatologist-approved skincare line is formulated just for kids and contains an anti-pollution complex that helps protect the skin from environmental damage. So it’s perfect after playing outside! 


How do you and your family spend time away from a screen? Let us know by tagging us at @petitenpretty! Have fun! 

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