Behind the Scenes: Piper Rockelle & The Squad at our Holiday Shoot

Behind the Scenes: Piper Rockelle & The Squad at our Holiday Shoot

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Hey, #TeamPretty — Piper here! I had a fabulous time getting glammed up with my squad and spending an action-packed day with Petite ‘n Pretty! We spent the day getting dressed in super sweet outfits, taking photos and even hitting the town to pass out some of our favorite Petite ‘n Pretty products and free ice cream! If you want the inside scoop to all of my PnP adventures, you’re in luck! I detailed everything we did before, during and after the shoot below, so read on to see how the day went and be sure to check out the Petite 'n Pretty Oh, So Sweet Collection (the scratch and sniff palettes are some of my favorites and smell DELICIOUS!)

9-10 AM

The squad and I were so excited about the big day we hardly slept! We got out of bed around 9 AM, put on quick and comfy outfits and had breakfast before heading out to the Petite ‘n Pretty headquarters in Beverly Hills for our shoot! We enjoyed the beautiful weather with the windows down during the drive and sang some of our favorite songs on the radio. The drive was a bit long, but I’m so excited to try out some new Petite 'n Pretty products (and add a few to my collection)!

10-11:30 AM 

Getting glam-ified is always my favorite part of shoots! Petite 'n Pretty’s extremely talented glam squad gave me a bold, glittery blue eye look and bouncy curls, and I got to wear an adorable Petite 'n Pretty sky blue apron with a pretty pink blouse underneath for the shoot! Petite 'n Pretty even gifted me a pair of pastel custom shoes for my birthday that I got to wear during the shoot! The girls got similar makeup looks and outfits, and we all talked about our favorite Petite ‘n Pretty eyeshadow shades from the Oh, So Sweet palette as we got ready. It was a blast!

11:30- 12:30PM

Now that we all look photo-ready in our pastry chef-inspired outfits, the girls and I are putting on our best model faces and the Petite ‘n Pretty team are snapping a few photos of us! We’re posing around a rolling cart of pastries and are having so much fun taking cute photos! We all especially love the fun headpieces we get to wear — some of us have ice cream cones and cute cakes on our heads!

12:30-1:30 PM

Taking photos has been a little tiring — it’s time for a break! We are munching on delicious Chop Stop salads and admiring the adorable set decorations as the Petite ‘n Pretty crew sets up for the next round of photos!

1:30-3 PM

Now that we’ve had some time to rest and refuel with lunch, it t’s time to do it all over again (and again!). We did two more rounds of photos and wore two different outfits. One outfit was simple and chic and the other was more glam and girly, I loved them both! Of course, the whole squad got to rock the cutest hair accessories, from ice cream clips to beaded barrettes, and we got to have fun and be silly during the shoots. I feel so fabulous and the photos are looking absolutely amazing!


3-5 PM

After filming a few more TikTok's we say our goodbyes to the PnP team and will be heading back home soon. I’m thinking it’s the perfect night for a sleepover, with snacks, movies and of course makeovers featuring our favorite Petite ‘n Pretty products!


5-7 PM 

I’m so pumped for ice cream! The Petite ‘n Pretty Team rented an ice cream truck and now the girls and I  are handing out free ice cream and Petite ‘n Pretty makeup in our adorable pastry chef outfits from the photoshoot. I am meeting so many nice people and enjoying my second ice cream cone as we speak, yum! Stay tuned for our YouTube video where we share it all!


I had a fabulous time spending the day with the Petite ‘n Pretty team, and I hope the sparkle squad enjoyed getting an inside peek at the photoshoot! I am seriously obsessed with all of the PnP products I got to test out during the shoot. Check out the Petite 'n Pretty product squad to get your hands on a few!

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