5 Reasons Why I Love Petite ‘n Pretty for My Teen

5 Reasons Why I Love Petite ‘n Pretty for My Teen

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Now that the school year is underway, there is always a ton of chaos in my home when it comes time to get ready for the day. From the moment my daughter hits her alarm to when she leaves for the bus stop, she is bopping around the house putting herself together in an outfit she planned the night before and finishing it up with makeup and hairstyles that fit the scene.  

And nothing truly says back-to-school like an effortless, glowy makeup look, my 13-year-old loves to tell me. For school, she tends to aim for a quick makeup look that makes her skin glow like her favorite TikTok celeb and can be done in under 10 minutes so she can hit the snooze button a few more times. That’s where Petite ‘n Pretty enters the conversation. As her forever-favorite reliable beauty brand and one that I’m happy to replenish on holidays and birthdays, Petite ‘n Pretty embodies all the things my daughter loves about makeup while also being clean and kid-friendly, so I feel good about her putting it on her face. Here are a few things about these feel-good products that will keep us coming back for more. 

  1. Safe, Pediatrician-Approved Products  

As an avid makeup-wearer myself, I know how harsh makeup products can be to the skin. I have spent so much time and money throughout the years searching for products that don’t irritate my skin or make my eyes burn and luckily, Petite ‘n Pretty saves my daughter from that stress. It removes a lot of the guesswork of building a solid makeup routine as the products are proven clean, phthalate and paraben-free and Dermatologist-approved. I know everything going onto her skin will enhance its beauty, rather than make her break out and to top it off, all Petite ‘n Pretty products are cruelty-free! My daughter and I feel good about buying/using their products knowing animals haven’t been harmed in the process

  1. Makeup and Skincare Designed For Her 

Since discovering Petite ‘n Pretty, my daughter no longer has the urge to snoop in my makeup bag (I FINALLY have my mascara to myself!). Now, she has all the goods she needs to explore the fun of makeup, in a way that makes us both happy. Petite ‘n Pretty's products were formulated to work with petite sized features, are shade buildable, and are developed to be age-appropriate while still allowing them to express themselves. The brand keeps beauty fun and exciting but doesn’t go overboard on heavy formulations and colors that may not be suitable for school or certain events. 

  1. It Allows Her to Keep Up With the Trends 

If your daughter spends much of her screen time scrolling through her favorite style icon’s Instagram/TikTok, Petite ‘n Pretty is the perfect way to keep her up with trends. For example, Petite ‘n Pretty palettes are perfect for recreating cult TikTok beauty trends like the “Clean Girl” makeup look. With a variety of colors to choose from in each palette, my daughter has fun making looks her own at home — which she loves to display by taking selfies. 

  1. It Sparks Her Creativity and Fuels Her Beauty Journey 

My little one was excited to begin her makeup journey, and I love that Petite ‘n Pretty inspires her to express herself while encouraging her to refine her beauty skills. The products feature beautiful colors, glitter and glow that unlock her creativity, wrapped in light, pretty packaging that makes her excited to use them each day. Petite ‘n Pretty also offers makeup classes and events that teach young people to take their skills to the next level, so it ensures my daughter has a range of elevated beauty experiences that will make an impact throughout her whole life. 

  1. It’s a One-Stop Shop for All Things Beauty 

Gone are the days of making the trek to multiple stores and scoping out endless brands to find my daughter suitable beauty products. Petite ‘n Pretty has all things makeup, hair, body and skincare, so she can have fun while I save a bit of time with shopping. My daughter is truly Petite ‘n Pretty’s #1 fan, so we always get excited when new products are released – for example, the beachy Cabana Glow Press-On Nail Set has been my daughter's favorite manicure this summer. I feel confident knowing whatever product the brand releases, it’ll be catered to my daughter's delicate skin and creative nature, and that peace of mind is priceless! 

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