The Ultimate 2023 Summer Bucket List for Tweens and Teens

The Ultimate 2023 Summer Bucket List for Tweens and Teens

Schools out for summer, and we’re feelin’ oh, so good about it. Summer is all about living your best life, whether it’s at summer camp, getting a head start on your summer reading or lounging by the pool! If you need inspiration on how to live it up, we’ve got the ultimate list to help. Keep this handy and check off the activities as you create the summer of your dreams — filled with tons of fun, killer beauty looks, creativity and lots of good times!

1. Learn a New Beauty Skill 

Have you been dying to learn how to wing your eyeliner to perfection or achieve the perfect rosy glow? Use your free time this summer to get to the bottom of it! Playing with makeup is always a good time, and once you get the hang of new skills, you’ll be able to pull them out year-round! Grab your big mirror, put on your favorite show or songs and get ready to build your beauty toolkit!

P.S. Don’t forget to keep your My Steller Micellar Wipes on deck to clean up any mistakes!

2. Spend a Day at the Beach or by the Pool 

The summer sun is best felt by the water! Be sure to plan a few days of pool or beachside fun with your besties this season — and don’t forget the snacks! 

You can also make the most of your pool and enjoy summer’s signature beautiful nights by going on a few night swims! 

3. Build Your Summer Playlist

And the best part of a summer beach day is a killer summer playlist. Make a whole event of it by collaborating with your friends to add new jams. Dump your favorite songs in one spot to make the backdrop to all your amazing summer memories.

4. Read a New Book 

Homework assignments can make it difficult to find time for fun reading during the school year, so use your new freedom to tap into your favorite reads. Set up a cozy spot in your room or bust out your book near the pool and drift away in your imagination.

Or, if you need a break from the books, stay up to date with your favorite news publications or fashion magazines 

5. Throw the Best Slumber Party

Summer is incomplete without a good slumber party with the people you love! Whether you’re planning an at-home spa night (don’t forget your Petite ‘n Pretty glam bag!) or are gearing up for a night of movies or baking, you’ll have the best night. Consider opting for a themed night and remember to take tons of photos to make amazing memories!

6. Make Friendship Bracelets 

If you need a fun slumber party activity, try making friendship bracelets. Not only is it super easy, but you can whip it out whenever you need to take things to the next level! With the Bright Ideas DIY Bead Kit, you have all the materials you need, including over 1200 beads, to make beautiful bracelets on your next day of fun. Think pool party, waiting in line at a summer concert or while you’re passing time on a road trip! 

7. Bake a Sweet Treat 

Take a real-life trip to candy land this summer by baking a few homemade treats. Grab simple recipes for your favorite treats on websites like Pinterest, gather your friends and indulge your sweet tooth. 

8. Tie-Dye a T-Shirt

Tie-dying makes for the perfect group activity. Not only is it a great way to channel your creativity, but you can make a day out of it with your loved ones. From old t-shirts to pants, you’re sure to feel a bit of joy when you’re wearing your new colorful creation. Plus, tie-dye makes for the most charming and trendy summer pieces.

9. Go to a Drive-In Movie

Getting cozy beneath the stars? Sign us up! The drive-in is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy a film — you can take advantage of the space in your car and enjoy a movie with a summery backdrop. Add snacks and your fam or friends in the mix, and you have a recipe for an amazing evening.

10. Make Homemade Lemonade 

Name a more iconic summer drink than lemonade — we’ll wait. You can create this seriously sweet treat with just a few ingredients, and it makes for a great way to kill some time and cool off on a summer afternoon. Plus, you can add your drink to a pretty picture, grab a few snacks and set up shop outside for a quick picnic! 

11. Master your Summer Skincare Routine 

Glowy skin is calling your name this summer. Now that we’ve ditched the harsh winter air in place for clear skies and natural humidity, it’s time to embrace the moisture in your skin with a golden skincare routine. We naturally gravitate toward the Fresh Start Cleanser and Moisturizer during this season (and honestly, every other season). However, have fun experimenting with products until you find your summer holy grails.

12. Attend Summer Camp

Summer camp is one of the best places to meet new people, get some exercise and make unforgettable memories during the summer. If you’re a beauty fanatic, you’d love our Beauty Boss Bootcamp. It has the same vibes as a summer camp, but will also teach you how to level up your makeup game. Attendees can learn all the artsy ins and outs of face makeup application, eye makeup blending and more.

Ready to get your glam on? Sign up for the bootcamp HERE.

Welcome to summer, besties! As the season stretches ahead, it's time for you to embrace the adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime. We hope this list inspires you to try new things, explore your creativity and delve into what makes you shine. From spending the days with laughter and suntans to lounging in bliss, there are endless possibilities to enjoy your free time. So, grab your sunscreen and lip gloss and gather your friends because it's time for the best summer yet!

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