Behind the Scenes With Piper Rockelle & Her Squad: Fresh Picked Palette

Behind the Scenes With Piper Rockelle & Her Squad: Fresh Picked Palette

Hi, #SparkleSquad — Piper here! I had a fabulous time with the Petite ‘n Pretty crew filming content for the new Fresh Picked palette, and I have to tell you about the day! First, I got together with my girls Elliana and Emily, and we had a blast getting glammed up in some of our favorite PnP products, taking photos, chilling with the PnP crew — and of course, laughing and hanging out (and filming the occasional TikTok) the whole time! I totally felt the picnic vibes in our gingham dress dresses  — and I can’t forget about the fresh-faced makeup! Trust me: You need to get your hands on the Fresh Picked palette. It has tons of refreshing colors that are perfect for any summer day.  

One of my favorite parts of the day was asking and answering some fun questions in between shooting content! I learned a few fun things about the girls and spilled about myself, too!  Here are a few of the topics we talked about:

What’s your favorite fruit?

Elliana: Peaches — just like Justin Bieber (because of his song, get it?)! They’re such a good summer fruit and are so underrated.

Me: Watermelon is my favorite thing ever. I could literally live off watermelon — but it has to be a good watermelon!

Emily: My favorite fruit would have to be watermelon. It depends on the season, though. 

Are you a summer or winter person?

Me: I don’t know. I feel like it’s kind of changing as I am getting older — but I really love winter. It’s one of my favorite times. I love being cold.

Elliana: I love being cold and cuddled up by the fire! 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Elliana: If we’re talking ice cream, I have to go with cookie dough or birthday cake. But if we’re talking sherbert, definitely rainbow sherbert.

Me: I usually go for mango sherbert or something like that. Or, coffee-flavored!

Emily: My favorite ice cream flavor would probably just be vanilla, but with cookie dough and chocolate chips. There’s one from Ben and Jerry’s that is so good.

What is your favorite piece of summer clothing?

Me: Bathing suits, obviously. Bathing suits are amazing. We’ll probably go on vacation or something this summer and will wear a ton of bathing suits.

Emily: Probably just shorts and a casual t-shirt. Just something comfy!

Be sure to check out the full exclusive behind-the-scenes video HERE for the ultimate inside look of the day. Not only will you see our full, juicy Q and A bit, but you will also get up close and personal with the shoot! From the cute picnic date to our gorgeous makeup, endless bloopers and dance breaks, you’ll see why we had the best time!

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