Behind the Scenes: Piper Rockelle and The Squad at our photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: Piper Rockelle and The Squad at our photoshoot Image

We have everything you need to know about Piper Rockelle’s latest photoshoot with Petite 'n Pretty! Get ready to see Piper and The Squad’s Glow up with our new Glow Up All Over Highlighter Sticks and our Glow Nowhere Oil Blotting Sheets. 

Influencers Piper Rockelle, Emily Dobson, and Elliana Walmsley came to our studio to get glammed and glowed! Piper, Emily, and Elliana were all about the glow! The girls were all glammed up by makeup artist Shenise Sheena making sure you can see them shine from miles away! Our new and bright Glow Up All Over Sticks made the girls glam stand out and give them that perfect Glowy photoshoot finish! Without confusing their Glow with face oil, the girls finished off their look by using the Glow Nowhere Oil Blotting Sheets to leave them Glowy and not oily. This created the perfect sparkly, glowing face that shines just right! Piper and The Squad posted a Tik Tok in this look. 

All about Piper Rockelle's Juicy Couture Tracksuit moment on Instagram!

After lunch, we pulled out the Velour Juicy Couture Tracksuits to create a sparkly cozy look preparing for the cold weather coming! Juicy Couture kept the girls warm after their big meal from California Chicken Cafe. Piper Rockelle rocked a Blushing Pink tracksuit that matched her 9021-Glow Blush while the other girls wore a Beachwood Tan tracksuit to match their 9021-Bungalow Eyeshadow! They kept it comfy to wrap up a long day of shooting and Piper even posted Instagram Pictures in the tracksuit!

All Glowed Up!

By the end of the day, Piper and The Squad left the set Glowy and Sparkly. As they walked out of the building, the Glow left on their face was shining from the sunset! Follow up with our Social Medias and keep up with our #SparkleSquad Blog to get Behind The Scenes content for when Piper and The Squad come in for a visit. Show us your glow by tagging us in your photos! @petitenpretty! 

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