5 Makeup Trends You Have to Try in 2022

5 Makeup Trends You Have to Try in 2022

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? From exercising more and staying organized to trying a new hobby and spending more time with friends, the new year is the perfect time to try new things that can become your staples. Whether you’re steadily maintaining your resolutions, have already given up for the year or ditched the idea of resolutions completely, you can still embrace 2022 in a fun, creative way: By experimenting with a few of the year’s hottest makeup trends. In 2021, we saw frosted, Y2K-style looks come into style along with glowy skin, bold blush and colorful eyes — and 2022 is doing it even bigger. Spice up your routine this year by getting behind a few of these makeup trends that are absolutely to-die for!

Lip Gloss

With matte lips taking the makeup world by storm in 2021, we’re expecting the new year to be glossed for days. Think smooth and hydrated all year long, and pull it off with the Petite 'n Pretty 10K Shine Lip Gloss — the ultimate lip gloss for tweens that promises the ultimate shine. It’s lightweight, non-sticky and so dreamy for day-to-day use.

Face and Body Glitter

We’re planning to see glitter *everywhere* in 2022. The sparkle has already made its way to countless 2022 runway shows, and we’re pumped to shine in every way possible throughout the year. Petite ‘n Pretty has all the magic with all the glitter you could dream of to pull this trend off. With a simple glitter hairspray to jazz up your hair, a soft shimmer body puff to add some shine wherever and an all-over glitter you can toss in your purse, you’re all set to make this your own.

The Effortless Look

The less-is-more trend has made waves in 2021, and we’re not seeing it go anywhere in 2022. This look will truly be your best friend because it’s simple and looks polished for any occasion. Achieve this fresh-face by starting with clean skin and pulling out the All Glowed Up Birthday Kit. In this kids makeup set, you’ll find gorgeous, muted eyeshadow shades you can play around with to create your perfect look — we love throwing a wash of the shades “Sunkissed Shimmer” and “Shore Front” all over the lid for a simple slay. Add a quick glow with the cheek and highlight shades and finish it up with a few swishes of mascara and as much gloss as your heart desires! Easy, right?

Silky-Smooth Skin

And we’re totally looking forward to seeing the 2021 glowy skin trend move seamlessly into the new year. Be sure to nourish your body from within with tons of water and use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to enhance your inner glow. Check out our Selfie Ready Skincare Kit for all the gems you need for amazing skin — plus, it includes a cute pink headband to really level up your skincare routine!

Bright Colors

2022 is going to be all about the colors, and we’re talking *bright* colors. Use this as your que to get a little more creative with your looks when you can this year. You can find tons of pretty eyeshadow colors in our Oh, So Sweet Eye and Cheek Palette, so play around with the glittery blues, pinks and purples until you create your go-to 2022 masterpieces. 

2022 is an amazing time to start trying new things in your beauty routine. While you’re testing new makeup looks and products, you’re sure to find a few that you’ll soon be reaching for on the daily. And the best part: If a certain look or color isn’t your thing, just wipe it off — it’s that easy! This new year, we’re ready to express ourself and learn what truly suits us with our makeup, hair, nails and everything else we do!

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