Find Out Why These Moms Are Using Their Kid’s Makeup!

Find Out Why These Moms Are Using Their Kid’s Makeup!

 Happy Mother’s Day! Here at Petite n’ Pretty Headquarters, we’re celebrating all the #SparkleSquad Moms that inspired us to create an age appropriate makeup line for kids, tweens, and teens.

When our founder Sam Cutler sought out to create Petite n’ Pretty, she often heard stories of kids stealing their mom’s makeup. The biggest question moms had was “What's the best product to give my kid so they stop stealing mine?". 

Fast forward to today and the tables have turned! We found that moms across the country are now stealing their kids Petite n’ Pretty makeup to use for themselves. Here are 4 reasons why our moms are stealing back their kids’ makeup and using Petite n’ Pretty in their own routines.

Safe Makeup For Sensitive Skin Types

Teens and kids aren’t the only ones with sensitive skin. Moms need safe makeup too! Each and every product we make is always dermatologist-approved, ophthalmologist-approved, and pediatrician-approved. This ensures that all the ingredients used in our teen makeup can be used on all ages. Even adults! Check out why sparkle mom Michelle loves the GLO$$ BALM Glossy Lip Balm for her sensitive lips. 


High Quality Makeup For Both Mom and Kids

We know that moms always want the best for their kids. So when moms see our fun eyeshadows and high-shine lip glosses on their kids, they want to try it out for themselves! That’s why our 10K Shine Lip Gloss is a fave for our sparkle mom Emily and her daughter. 

Moms Just Want To Have Fun with Glitter!

Sometimes, moms want a bit more glitter in their life. Adult makeup can lack sparkle, but there’s no limit to the amount of glitter you can use with Petite n’ Pretty! That’s why our sparkle mamas, like Gina, are absolutely obsessed with our Hair & Body Gen Glitter for an extra touch of sparkle!  

Spending Quality Mommy & Me Time 

We know that all our moms have one thing in common - they love spending time with their kids. And although they may steal their kids makeup from time to time, it’s all because they want to spend quality time with their kids in the process! Check out why sparkle mom Stephanie loves the 9021-GLOW! Eye and Cheek Palette for herself and for her daughter! 

Have you ever borrowed your mom’s makeup? We sure are guilty of it! Let us know what you and your mom love to use by tagging us at @petitenpretty! 

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