The Creative Adventure You Need This Summer: PnP Virtual Summer Camp

The Creative Adventure You Need This Summer: PnP Virtual Summer Camp

Need some end-of-summer plans? We’re gearing up for an absolutely fabulous end to the season in the best way — with an ultra-glam-y summer camp! From August 1-4, we’re inviting our #SparkleSquad to join us for a makeup, beauty, and fashion extravaganza. You’ll be inspired to unlock your creativity as you meet kids from around the country and have tons of fun tie-dying, crafting gorgeous makeup looks, creating your own glitter slime, and more. Plus, you can experience everything while you lounge in your favorite cozy clothes in your bedroom and will receive the ultimate goodie bag with handpicked Petite ‘n Pretty favorites!

Interested? Trust us: You have to come! Here’s a quick look at what we have in store for all of our attendees! You can find more of the juicy details here.

P.S. did we mention you’ll be hearing from not one, but TWO surprise guests?  

Monday: Time to Tie Dye

What better way to start the week than by baking up the most delicious tie-dye cupcakes and creating an original tie-dye makeup bag! Whether you’re a tie-dye newbie or a seasoned pro, we’ll show you how to create pieces that you’ll love. Not to mention, they’ll make for the perfect statement pieces in your closet — only one exists!

Tuesday: Makeup Tutorials

Ready to spice up your makeup skills? On Tuesday, we’ll show you how to create a gorgeous makeup look from start to finish. Taught by one of our favorite makeup artists, Lindcey Nava, you’ll have a new look in your toolkit to whip out at any time! We’re talking sleepovers with your girls, shopping trips with your mom — you name it! 


Wednesday: Design your own makeup palette

One of the many highlights of your week is sure to be creating your own makeup palette. That's right — you can craft your own makeup palette, with just the colors and designs that make you happy! We’ll start from scratch, so you can transform a blank palette into something as unique as you! You’ll totally feel like the coolest person in the world each time you bust out your completely customized palette. 


Thursday: Crafting 101 

You and your besties are in need of some cute friendship bracelets. During this class, we’ll show you how to craft the cutest bracelets using our Pretty Little Picnic bead kit and glitter slime. These will make the perfect gift to show your bestie how much you love them! 

Plus, you’ll want to stick around for a special appearance surprise visit from Dhar Mann's Brianni Walker and Sofia Chicorelli Serna to end the event on a high note!


Sofia Chicorelli Serna and Brianni Walker
We hope to see you there! We’re so excited to bring you along for this exciting, creative journey and hope to show you a few of the many ways you can express yourself with art and beauty! Be sure to check out the Petite ‘n Pretty website with your parents for more information on the event, and feel free to email with any other questions!