Our Picks For This Year’s Back To School Essentials

Our Picks For This Year’s Back To School Essentials

Hey Sparkle Squad summer is almost done and we know it’s time to get ready to go back to school, and there is no better way to do it than with all the pink and sparkly attitude. Let’s be honest, it is very exciting to catch up with friends and talk about our summer vacations but there is something that we just love, back-to-school shopping! So we created a back-to-school essentials list to share with you some of our favorite picks.

1. Blue Light Glasses 

If you are starting school virtually or in person you’ll need to protect your eyes from the blue light that all of our screens emit, if you are working on a computer, tablet or your phone, these cute and chic translucent glasses will not only help with blue light but to get a pretty and very smart look.

2. Glow Nowhere Oil Blotting Sheets

Our biodegradable blotting sheets will eliminate the excess oil so you can look and feel glowy and confident (like you always should!) but not greasy. These sheets can fit in your backpack so you can carry them with you whenever you need one, for example, when it’s besties selfie time! 

3. The Glow Up All Over Stick

One of our favorites of all times, because it’s so versatile that you will love it! be ready to shine and look amazing in this back to school with this super glowy stick that comes in four different shades (choose the one you love the most!), but here is the best part… you can use it in your cheeks, in your eyes and in your lips! This is the perfect addition to your backpack beauty essentials, plus it is very lightweight and easy to blend, you just have to use your imagination! (we already know your bestie will ask about it!)

4. Cloud Mine™ Fragrance Rollerball

Summer will be over but your fragrance can still be inspired by the everlasting summer, Cloud Mine™ Fragrance Rollerball has an energetic fruity-meets-floral fragrance layered with fluffy cotton candy musks that you will love not only for the scent but for the looks! (It is so beautiful!). This is such a must to elevate your look and make you feel confident, spray some of this yummy fragrance and be ready to start this school year with all the right vibes. If you want more info on how to best use this product click here!


5. 10K Shine™ Lip Gloss

Now let’s talk about the final detail, lip gloss! We love glowy and natural looks, and no makeup could be done without some lip gloss to add a sparkly touch (just how we like it!), so be the gloss-boss that you are and choose your favorite shade of our 10K Shine™ Lip Gloss and now you are ready to shine even brighter. 

We know that now you are ready to catch up with your friends and start this school year feeling beautiful and looking amazing as always! Now being back to school can also be a very sparkly and glowy experience, we know you got this! Say hi to your bestie and get ready to shine!