6 Essentials For Your Next GNO

6 Essentials For Your Next GNO

6 Essentials For Your Next GNO 

Refreshing face masks, comfortable pajamas, lots of laughs and your favorite movies — it’s girl's night. There's nothing like a sleepover with your gals to unwind from the week, and we’re here to help make it happen! From functional hair clips that’ll hold your tresses back during makeovers to a face mask that’ll make you glow from the inside out, Petite ‘n Pretty has all the goods to make your GNO a magical night. What’s special about a girl's night is how it can instantly brighten your mood — some snacks here and glam there, and you’re set to melt away on a relaxing journey. Whether you’re ready for a classic pillow fight, or in the mood to learn a new skincare routine or makeup look for school, your GNO should be equal parts fun and refreshing. Grab your girls, bust out the comfy pants and throw on your favorite show or music — it’s time to unwind, and we have our favorite Petite ‘n Pretty products to make it even sweeter. Be sure to keep these babies in the lineup of your next girl's day and thank us later. 


  • 9021-Glow! Peel-Off Glitter Face Mask

  • No girl’s night is complete without a face mask. Not only will it soothe your skin, but it also sets the stage for the perfect GNO selfie! Kick your feet up and get your glitter game face on with the 9021-Glow! Peel-Off Glitter Face Mask. Simply glide the moisturizing formula over your skin and prepare for a hologram glow!  


  • Pink Palms Hair Clip


    And we don’t want hair in our face masks, so be sure to grab a few of our Pink Palms Hair Clips! Simple and sturdy, they’re essential for keeping your locks out of the way for all your beauty-related festivities. Not to mention, they totally give you that effortless look that you’ve been drooling over on your Pinterest board. 


  • Sleepover Kit

  • You could make your life easier by bringing this packed pouch along to your girl’s night! From skincare must-haves like our 9021-GLOW Fresh Start Cleanser and Moisturizer to makeup essentials like our ​​Featherlight Clear Mascara and Brow Gel, this bag takes some of your sleepover packing off your shoulders. You’ll have enough products to share with your besties, and the cutest, most colorful bag to store everything.


    To make it even better, this bag comes with our All Glow No Filter Skincare Headband, so you can take the glam p a notch when you pull your hair back! 


  • 9021-BUNGALOW! Eye & Cheek Palette

  • We love a glam session during our nights in, and Petite ‘n Pretty has tons of palettes for you and your friends to try. One of our faves is the 9021-BUNGALOW! Eye & Cheek Palette because it has a variety of bronze-y colors that give you tons of freedom to create stunning looks. Have fun, get creative and head to our YouTube page for inspiration!


  • L.A. LUSTER Glitter Hairspray





    You can never have enough glitter, right? Take your makeup looks to new heights by topping it with some shine in your tresses! Whether you’re braiding your bestie’s hair and want something special to make your style perfectly selfie-ready or just want something to stand out for the night, the L.A. LUSTER Glitter Hairspray is weightless, non-tacky  — and fabulous!


  • My Stellar Makeup Remover Wipes



    Of course, you’ll need something to clean the magic from your skin after the night! The My Stellar Makeup Remover WIpes will leave your skin squeaky clean with a few swipes. After a long night of fun, you’ll want something to refresh your face in a flash. 


    These gems have totally changed the game for our girl's nights. Have fun and find products that work for your squad, and they’ll quickly become a part of your weekend ritual. However, the best way to have an amazing GNO is to just be with your people! Be sure to spend time with your girls doing things that you all enjoy and soaking up each other’s company. Whether it’s makeovers or bingeing your favorite shows, you’ll make the best memories doing whatever is on your itinerary with the right people!