How to Get the Best Eyeliner Look

How to Get the Best Eyeliner Look

Chances are your favorite makeup looks include eyeliner. It’s a statement look that can require some practice — but the pay-off is major. From dramatic, winged eyes to subtly defined ones, mixing eyeliner into your eyes is a fun way to add creativity to your makeup. If you’re ready to  get the look, here’s your sign to spend some time with a mirror and your eyeliner pen to craft your new everyday vibe! Here are our best tips for achieving the perfect, age-appropriate eyeliner look. Remember to always have fun with it — learning a new skill can be frustrating, but know that when it comes to eyeliner, no one gets it on the first try. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to learn the ropes!

  • Pick the Right Eyeliner

  • The type of eyeliner you use is so important. Some may prefer a light liquid formula and others like a strong pencil — but we love a smooth pen. The Petite ‘n Pretty Fully Feathered Kajal Eyeliner is a bold, easy-gliding eyeliner that can be used for all of your iconic eyeliner looks. It has a pediatrician-approved formula that always stays soft, so it’s ready for anything. 

  • Find Inspiration

  • What look are you trying to achieve? It may be helpful to have an inspirational picture handy to reference as you create your look. Dive into Pinterest, your favorite influencer’s Instagram page or Google Images to find what you like. Try to find a close-up shot of the eyeliner design so you have a clear view of what you’re trying to achieve. 

    Don’t be afraid to reference the photo often as you’re gliding the eyeliner across your eyelids! You may even opt to save the image on your phone for easy access.

  • Start Slow 

  • Referencing your photo, start building your eyeliner look. With your non-dominant hand, lightly pull your eyelid outward so you have a smooth base to work with. Start in the inner corner of your eye, using small, light strokes to build a cohesive line across your eyelid. To add subtle definition and thickness to your eyelashes, keep the line thin and close to your lash line. For a bolder look, feel free to thicken it up a bit. 

    Once you master the line on one eye, move on to the next. Be sure to look over at your completed line as you’re drawing your new one so they match. However, it’s totally okay if the two lines don’t look perfect!! It’s ideal for them to match as closely as possible, but don’t be discouraged if they aren’t completely symmetrical. 

  • Clean Up Any Mistakes

  • Whether you’re a newbie or use eyeliner every day, mistakes are bound to happen. When you get a little smudge or are sculpting your lines to better match, grab your Petite ‘n Pretty Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes. Simply grab one of the gentle wipes, wrap it around your pointer finger and use small wiping or dabbing motions to clean up any messes.

    The most important tip for mastering your eyeliner look is to keep practicing! The best looks won’t happen overnight, so start small and think big. As you start adding different shapes and sizes to your toolkit, you can slowly add more until you can do it all! Whether you’re planning to keep it simple or learn fun, artsy liner looks, get ready to spread your creative wings and fly!