How To Do Easy Elsa Frozen Makeup

How To Do Easy Elsa Frozen Makeup

Go ahead, be an ice princess! It’s easy to do Elsa Frozen makeup with the purple shimmers and icy sparkles of Everglow kids’ makeup collection, the best makeup for beginners and young creatives. Life With Make and Sam Denise show us how!  

This holiday, let your inner princess shine with icy glitter, sparkly lip gloss and, of course, purple shimmer eyeshadow just like Elsa! It’s fun and easy with Everglow — our enchanting new holiday collection of safe kids’ makeup that captures the soft light and cool brights of midwinter. Pro-artist Samantha Denise shows us how to get Elsa makeup by transforming Life With Mak into our favorite ice princess! 
Ready for all the Frozen feels!? Grap your brushes and Everglow Eye & Cheek Palette for the iciest holiday makeup look. (We’ll be using this Pink Palms Brush Set  — how cute are the pink handles! — but you can also use the dual-ended brush that comes with every Petite ‘n Pretty makeup palette.) 


Using the Petite Eye Shader Brush 1E, blend the light purple shimmer eyeshadow Oh, Holo Night all over the eyelid. Next, with the Crease Blender Brush 2E, blend the brightest purple shimmer shade Berry & Bright onto the outer corner of the eye and into the crease. Keep building and blending until your Elsa eyeshadow is just right! 

Life With Make Else makeup tutorial

Sam’s Pro MUA Tip: 
“The Everglow Eye & Cheek Palette is my go-to for winter. Pink Frost is def my fave shade to pack on the inner eyelid and brought the whole Elsa look together! "



With the Cheek Brush 1F, dust EverRose blush on the apples of your cheeks for a subtle flush perfect for winter! You could stop right here and have super pretty Elsa eyeshadow and rosy cheeks. If you want more ice princess sparkle, keep reading Sunshine! 

Life With Make Elsa makeup tutorial


Bring a little frosty twinkle to your cheeks with the cool icy blue Glitter on Ice shade from our special-edition Slay Bells Blinging Gen Glitter Duo. Layer a small amount of the glitter and blend out and up for maximum sparkle. 

Sam’s Pro MUA Tip: 
Slay Bells Blinging gave the perfect amount of glitter for Elsa’s cheeks. I use my finger to apply it for a more precise highlight!” 


Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara is not your average kids’ play makeup. This is the real deal but thanks to its custom-sized hourglass applicator it’s easier for younger artists to comb through lashesOR use Featherlight Clear Mascara + Brow Gel, the perfect alternative to regular mascara for beginners thanks to its clear color.  

Life With Mak Elsa makeup tutorial 


To complete your Elsa Frozen makeup, you need a bright pop of lip color! Use the Snow Queens 10K Shine Lip Gloss Trio to layer Crown Ruby, a bright winter-kissed red, over Royal Rules, a shimmery lavender to get the perfect balance of color, sparkle and shine.


Sam’s Pro MUA Tip: 
"The 10K Shine Lip Gloss is so shimmery and it goes on smoothly. I love putting it over top of a matte liquid lip for a pop of shine!" 

 Life With Mak Elsa makeup tutorial

Remember, no matter how much or little makeup you wear — you are perfect just the way you are. We’re here to help you shine your way and have fun doing it with the best makeup for beginners that’s so much more than pediatrician-approved kids’ makeup. It’s creative expression. It’s art. It’s whatever you want it to be. We hope you have the happiest Frozen-inspired holidays!